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Nearly every marker you purchase today will come with its own toolbox with the basics.  But that is all the included toolbox is – basic.  As you continue to play out on the field, you will find that you may need additional tools to adjust or fix advanced issues as they arise with your paintball gear.  This advanced work requires more advanced tools, so in this blog post we will be discussing the tools that you need to have on hand for those “just in-case moments”.

The Basics – A Good Toolbox

EVERY paintball toolbox needs to have the basic tools for working on your marker.  These toolare what come in the traditional marker toolbox, but are very essential for you to always have handy.  First, however, you need to invest in a really good toolbox to carry all of these tools around in.  But don’t break the bank for this, it just needs to be a sturdy box to hold all of the tools that we are about to list below, along with the ability to organize and maintain the tools.  You can even check out your local resell stores, sometimes you can find a good sturdy box at an extremely low price.

Hex Wrench or Allen Keys

Allen Keys are essential to your paintball toolbox kit.  You will find that nearly every fastener on your paintball markers will require a hex wrench of some sort, instead of a regular Phillips head.  However, be aware that today’s paintball equipment does require both Metric and English sizes when it comes to hex wrenches.

For doing adjustments to your trigger, the small plastic holders with individual wrenches in them are almost a must.  Additionally, these little guys are cheap and easy to organize and store in your toolbox.  As for T-Handles, be sure to include 3/16ths and 1/8th inches, which are the most common sizes when it comes to attaching ASAs to your marker.  T-Handles are meant for torqueing and taking your marker’s fastener on and off with.

A Good Pair of Pliers 

A good pair of pliers is preferred to have in a paintball player’s toolbox.  Preferably, grab a slip jaw/soft jaw type, which come in handy for breaking a regulator loose.  Avoid the pliers that do not have soft jaws, because you will find that your gear will not appreciate anything else but the soft jaw!  Unnecessary roughness is just unnecessary!


Keep at least one or two screwdrivers around, and you will never go wrong.  Include a flat style because they come in handy for attaching parts to your marker.  They also are great for holding boards in gripframes.

Other Items

You should always keep a bottle of lube on hand for your marker, as well as some sort of oil to keep those o-rings greased up and ready to go.  Additionally, keep some spare paintball parts in your toolbox.  You will find keeping some extra o-rings and other small items with you at all times will keep you from having to spend any extra cash at the last minute.

Some other great items to keep on hand include cotton swabs, some napkins or paper towels, rubbing alcohol and other odds and ends type items you may need.

How about you?  Do you keep a paintball toolbox handy?  If so, what tools are essential for you and why are they in your toolbox?  Leave your answers and comments below.

2 thoughts on “Your Paintball Toolbox

  1. I always keep an LED headlamp available, because even in daylight, it helps to see exactly what you need to. Sometimes I work out of the trunk of my car, and it makes a world of difference when my own shadow gets in the way.

  2. COuldn’t agree more. Allen keys should be in your ESSENTIAL kit. They take up zero room, and are a lifesaver in a pinch.
    Pack one!


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