Your Paintball Checklist

New to the paintball scene?  Don’t worry; we are going to provide you with a pre-paintball game checklist to make sure you know exactly what to bring with you to the field.  You will definitely want to try and take everything you can to a tournament.  The last thing that you will want is to show up without all the essentials.  Print this page and check it off while you pack.

And you may want to bring any of these miscellaneous items, just to cover your bases:

  • Towels for wiping paint or sweat
  • First-Aid Kit – you never know…
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Something to drink
  • Garbage Bags

Pretty sure that just about covers everything.  Make sure to check out our website where you can find all of your paintball gear, supplies and equipment needs; all in one place – Oh, and don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel where you will find all of the latest happenings, videos and excitement from the Hustle Paintball team.

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