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Today I want to talk about a pretty controversial issue. Wiping.

Going on two years ago, our team went to a scenario in Pueblo, CO (COD) as our very very first event together as a team. For some of us, it was playing the first time together period. We had a good day for the most part, but we walked away from that scenario with a bad reputation as being wipers. It is one of our strongest tenants to this day. No single member of Anomaly will wipe, and if they do the consequences will be dire. We play honest, good, friendly paintball. The memory of what kind of paintball we did play on that day is burned into all of us. Talk about an eye-opening experience.

Wiping itself is publicly considered taboo, but how many of us have glorified the art on the speedball field? Or had our coach teach us how to wipe hits effectively? Pro paintball players are seen doing this all the time as if wiping is just “part of the game”. So, which is it? Part of the game? Or completely unnaceptable? I believe in the latter, paintballs mark your target for yourself and the person to see and recognize a clear hit. Playing this way is dishonest and frustrating for those out to have a good time.

So.. I couldn't get a good picture, but you get the point

Now, I am not an angel, I used to, and have wiped before. Especially in those moments where I just respawned in a rec game, move 10 feet from the starting bunker and a rogue ball breaks on my toe. In the heat of the moment a player may think what is actually a hit was just splatter as well. These things to me are pretty acceptable and they happen due to the nature of the game. What I am truly referring to is the player that gets hit clearly. They feel it, see it, look at it, and then wipe it and continue to play on. This player will do this 3 or 4 times in the same bunker getting hit by the same player. Then, rather than admitting they were being a bit ridiculous, they claim that they just never felt it or saw it. Plus, all of those freshly dripping hits are “old, and from previous games.”

This brings me to my actual point. I think as a general consensus, we all agree wiping is unacceptable, it is cheating, and unsportsmanlike the to highest degree. This weekend a prospect for the team was caught wiping… needless to say, he is no longer a prospect. So, I ask you guys, have you wiped? Do you wipe? Why? When you see a friend or team mate wipe off a hit or play on, how do you handle the situation?

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  1. I feel that there’s a severe difference between Tournament Play and Practice/Recreation play. Honesty and self-policing is necessary when there aren’t 8 ref’s on a single field watching 10-12 players, often rec games are full of 20+ players with a single ref to police – which really means they look out for over shooting and calling the start/finish of the game. At the end of the day, who you choose to play with is up to your own preferences. I see no issue with professionals getting away with a wipe mid-tourney, as it’s part of that game style / high risk competition. But when it comes down to having a good time and improving your own personal skill set – it shouldn’t happen.

  2. Never wiped but i only have ever played rec ball. I think the only wiping that is acceptable is when a team looses and does not get anyone out on the opposing team.

  3. I agree 100% that wiping is cheating and unsportsmanlike. I observed it on Sunday at blitz where I shot a guy three times in a row. He clearly wiped one off and claimed that the other two were from a previous game. I called him on it, but after that I let it go and moved on with my day.

    I personally take the approaching of being safe rather than sorry. If I think I got hit and cannot see it and do not have anyone else to confirm, I just call myself out. After all it’s a game and most of the time you get to re-spawn anyway.


  4. wiping is very annoying but if i see a paintballer wipe the hit after i shoot him i just keep shooting him tell he throw his hands up. i also have played with anomaly at least 10 to 15 times at my local field and not once seen any of them wipe. maybe people say that cuz the get pissed of that there better than him

  5. I’m a newbie to the paintball game. Just me and a bunch of friends in a local patch of woods. We all wipe the paint from the last round off so we know when we have been hit in the next one.

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