What makes us Hustle Paintball

Hey everyone.

It is time for another blog; this time I would like to touch on something a little more serious as well as a little more near and dear to our hearts. We are really starting to build up some customer loyalty, which believe me – ALL OF US appreciate. We love talking to you guys on the phone and really helping you out with your gear.

However, a few of you loyal customers have been dealing with an issue as of late and are asking, “what gives?!”. The issue I speak of is the fact that often when people place orders things are out of stock, or there is a wait of sorts before we can get it to you. We’ve gotten blunt yet reasonable questions like “Hey guys, I love shopping with you, but how come nothing is ever in stock?” —

Just a statement is all.

We will forever stand by this motto.

As players ourselves, we can understand how frustrating it can be to have to wait for your gear, especially when a tourney or scenario game is right around the corner… or you’re just excited for your gear and YOU WANT IT NOW!

That is why I kind of wanted to hit this issue straight ahead, we want to be perfectly transparent with you all. The reason for this, is because we are a small company (5 total employees), with even smaller pockets. Our entire catalog of items that we carry and sell is well over 10,000 items. If we had the cashflow to be able to keep all 10,000+ items in stock at all times, of course we would absolutely love to! Unfortunately this is just not the case, so what we have to do is keep the highest selling items in stock at all times and do our best to be proactive on the other items in our catalog.

Now, what we provide in lieu of this, is the absolute best top-notch customer service for any retailer in the business. You may have to wait a week for an item to ship, if so, we will call you within one business day of your order and let you know what is going on, or if we have any available alternatives to go with. In a lot of cases, our representatives will give you a FREE UPGRADE to a BETTER item that we DO HAVE IN STOCK. Beyond that, when the item does ship out, we actually have your back. If the item gets damaged in transit, or even lost, Hustle Paintball has your back. We will take care of you and make sure you get your equipment, and this is at no extra hassle to you. It is because we care, because we are ballers ourselves.

That is really the biggest advantage you have with shopping with Hustle Paintball. Every single one of us is a paintballer. We go out every weekend, we shoot and work on these markers, and use all of this equipment ourselves. Ask us a question? Get a real answer. We do not shoehorn you into the item we have the most of in stock that we need to get rid of. When you ask us a question or go to us for our opinion that is what you get.

Just the Hustle Crew, you know how they do.

Sorry Josh, you’re not real right now.

Really, what we all wanted you guys to know is that when you shop with us, you are helping put food on the table for five people and their families. We are not a large company, and we are not looking to maximize profits and increase our wallet size at the cost of your time and well-being. We are paintballers who want to increase the size of this sport, while also providing two great platforms to do so. Our YouTube channel is meant to be an honest, informed channel with all videos from installation to review, and fun & games :). pbRIOT.com is a continually growing community for all paintballers new and old that is welcoming and not abrasive.

So, why don’t you all join the revolution and stop letting stores put their blame on you for a shipping mistake, or tell you that you are S.O.L. because your package was stolen off of your front door. Insist on excellent customer service, and supporting other ballers! Make a statement, and join the RIOT against the Speedball/Woodsball debate – it is all paintball, let’s just enjoy this sport together!

— Trevor

3 thoughts on “What makes us Hustle Paintball

  1. I deal with hustlepaintball, for all of my paintball needs.. They by far, have the best customer service and very friendly, knowledgable staff.

    You should never be unsatisfied, while dealing with them.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Alan!

    As long as we have customers like you spreading the good word, we will keep up the great work as long as possible!

  3. Woo! Ill stick with Hustle ti’ll the end(Hope their isn’t one). You guys rock, and my last order was perfect!

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