What is a Response Trigger?

Many of you have been wondering what is the difference between a response trigger and an automatic.  In this blog post we will be discussing the difference and help you decide on which paintball marker style you prefer.  Enjoy!

What Is A Response Trigger?

To better answer this question, watch the following YouTube clip we released a while back:

Basically, in a nutshell, a response trigger is a Tippmann trigger modification/add-on that allows you to use remaining CO2 from your marker.  This resets your trigger and allows you to shoot a whole lot faster than normal.

In this clip we showed you some really great products that you might want to consider if you choose to go the response trigger route.  Below are these products, their descriptions and links to where you can purchase them from Hustle Paintball.

The Tippmann GTA Response Trigger Kit – 98/Custom/Project Salvo

The reactive trigger kit uses gas from each cycle to push the trigger back forward against your finger. While it’s just about impossible to explain, you can attain a sweetspot in seconds (you’ll understand as soon as you pick up the gun), supercharging your Tippmann’s rate of fire to 15 balls per second or more! A simple, well-detailed installation is all that’s necessary, no batteries needed, and you’re good to go.

tippmann gta response trigger kit









Tippmann Response Trigger (RT) Kit – Tippmann A5

tippmann gta response trigger kit a5









Tippmann Response Trigger (RT) Kit – X7

tippmann x7 response trigger kit

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