What have you sacrificed for paintball?

We have all sacrificed so that we can play this fantastic sport, some more than others, and some in different ways. For many it is just the financial sacrifice of having to pay for all of the gear that is involved with playing paintball. Then there are the few who sacrifice not only their time and money, but also for their team. There are teams that are simply that, a team. Nothing more. They only play on the weekends and at events, but they aren’t really close friends and in my opinion that makes them weaker as a team. If a player loves the game and their team the cost of playing and the amount of time spent becomes trivial and unimportant, it becomes about the team rather than themselves. The win is the team’s not the individual’s.

I have seen friends of mine lose relationships with fantastic people because their team and this sport was important to them in a way that their friends, girlfriends, or evenĀ spouses could not understand. Yet this loss was worth it to them because the sport was something that went deeper than the weekends, it was about going through all the grit and grime and hard times for that one moment where they can look around at their team and friends and know that they earned their right to be there; it means so much more that they actually fought for something that they care about. Those moments and feelings are very rare outside of paintball, and it is one of the reasons that people don’t understand why we do it every weekend while the chores andĀ errands stack up; well this is why.

What have you sacrificed for paintball? What is the most that you would sacrifice for paintball? We want to know, so please comment and start the conversation!

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3 thoughts on “What have you sacrificed for paintball?

  1. hi my name is michael iam 26 years old and i love to play paintball but as far as the gear part of it you could say i dont have that much gear but the gear i have is all i need i roll with a hydrashion pack and a paintball belt that has 2 140 round pods on it and my mask is a vforce gills mask in od i have 2 pars of bdu pants one par in woodland camo and the other par in acu camo i dont where a bdu top but for the most part win i play you well just see me playing in blue gens and a short slive top or a hodie i dont have a paintball gun or any other stuff win i go play paint ball i gather up my stuff for the day of play that i do have and i go to the feld that i play at and i rent there gun and co2 its much cheeper on me that way you could say ive had to sacrifice on my paint ball gear but i dont need the best of the best gear i can stell have a great time playing paintball all day with the light gear i have.

  2. Me along with my team have sacrificed so much for this sport. Events like birthdays, happy family moments, valuable time with the ones you love gone for good. Every little second I’ve missed was worth it, a day with my brothers is a bond no other sport can match. Sacrifice…it’ll always be worth it one way or another.

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