We Need YOUR Review!

We want to know what you guys think of us!  So, we have set up a survey for you to fill out and review your shopping experiences with Hustle Paintball.  Follow the link below, enter all of your information and leave us some love in the comment box.


This survey is based on a star system, in which you will rate certain elements of your shopping and customer service experiences on our site.  5 stars means Hustle Paintball is “AWESOME!” and 1 star means, well, you know…”not so awesome…” but we hope you give us some good ratings!

And guess what!  We are going to try something new – video testimonials.  We are just asking for a short video about your honest feedback regarding our products and your shopping experiences with us.  You can include any information specific to Hustle Paintball employees that you dealt and how the treated you and the purchasing process.  Leave us some lovin’!  We are so blessed to have you guys as customers, and so we want to include you in our ratings!

Thank you so much for your support, we appreciate it more than you could ever know!

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