We all bleed together

In the past few months, we’ve all worn down the soles of our shoes pretty well. I joked around w/ my neighbor yesterday, “sorry man, I’m not down for a bike ride, I ran a 10K today.” He asked which one, and my response was “The Hustle Paintball Tuesday Orders 10K.” Running around, picking and packing orders has kept us all in shape, and even though we’re all working pretty consistent 7am – 6pm shifts, it just doesn’t seem like a job in the typical dreary, long-hours, I-hate-my-life way you might imagine. As Jay said a few weeks back, “we’re all in this together, this is our family and we will all bleed together!”

It’s great to have a crew like I do, everyone has a positive attitude and tons of energy (needed for the 10K’s), but more than that, everyone is willing to work together and encourage each other to get our work done. We’ve made a big promise to you, the paintball community, our extended family, and that is “We will build a community website for you (www.pbriot.com/forum.php), we will sell everything that you want to buy at the best price possible (www.hustlepaintball.com), we will bust out as many information & entertaining videos as humanly possible (www.youtube.com/hustlepaintball), and, as always, Customer Service is King.” (yes, I know, it’s a long promise, but it’s a lot of stuff) It takes a lot of hard work to back up a promise like that, but we’re doing it! (Now, if we can just clean out the video studio so we can start popping videos out once more)

A little bit of evening remodeling left undone...

But, moving forward, how are we going to keep up? Haha, well that’s still a challenge for us to overcome as it continues to arise, but rest assured that we are happy to be bleeding to get this all taken care of (and still have enough time to go play paintball on the weekend). We’ve got new t-shirts, patches, hats, stickers and more that are going to be available soon, so everyone (us included) can display some Hustle love. Keep your eyes peeled for that, and we’ve also got a crew headed to Living Legends 5 to shoot people on our behalf (Justin & the Social Paintball crew) as well. Hopefully, we’ll be able to attend these events ourselves, but in the meantime, we’re sending some trusted Allies on behalf :) We’re stoked to see the videos of gameplay (and shenanigans) coming from them very soon as well.

I had intended to write a bit more, but I’ve got to get back to it and help my crew keep up with the madness :) It’s good to get so much good feedback from you all, but we won’t rest on our laurels and just enjoy it. That’s what many other companies in this industry do, but that’s just the start of the slow slide back into mediocrity. As was requested on my last blog, I’d like to end with a decree :) – “We will keep striving to be better, especially when the others give up.”

Decree #2 (since I didn’t have one previously) – “Let everyone enjoy consistent paintball, good weather and friendly people when they play this weekend (and next)”

Thank you all for your support and input, we truly value you as our extended family.

-Ethan Hall
Hustle Paintball

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  1. No thank you ethan and team hustle! U guys motivate me to make my team better!!! I look forward to seeing u guys in the near future to thank you guys in person!

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