Virtue VIO Overview!

On our first stand alone CBTC, Erik shows us what the VIO is all about and of course hands out some tips along the way.

virtue-vio-goggleWith 9 lenses, 12 frames and 30 bottoms, the Virtue VIO offers you 3,240 combinations for customizing your ultimate mask/goggle system.  And that is without the strap option!  If you add in the different straps that Virtue has, then you can make over 113,400 combinations!  These goggles come in every color you can think of – blacks, reds, purples, yellows, oranges and everything in between.

One tip that Erik offers is that when you are doing your color combos, be sure to consider the color of the body first, and the accent pieces second.  This is the industry standard way of combining colors on your paintball gear.  For a VIO bottom, however, it is backwards, and Erik demonstrates this.

If you would like to check out, purchase AND customize your very own Virtue VIO, follow the link here.  If you just want to go straight to the Virtue VIO Mask Customizer, you can find it by clicking the link here.

Have you customized your own Virtue VIO?  If so, tell us what your color combos were and why you chose them.  Leave your thoughts in the comment box below!

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