Train with the Navy SEALs

Check this out!  Apparently Omaze and the Navy Seals teamed up to offer one lucky person the opportunity to train with the Navy Seals prior to an epic paintball battle!  Training will include the fundamentals of close quarters combat and sniper assaults – pretty awesome if you ask us!

The winner can pick a friend to go with them to learn exclusively from the Navy Seals on some really neat things, like, training the brain for mental strain during missions and how to hold your breath for two minutes (not sure how this applies to paintball, but…sure!).  They also will undergo a workout routine to beef up their biceps before hitting the field to battle it out.paintball-navy-seals

The best part about all of this is that every entry helps out the Wounded Warrier Project to help veterans recover from combat wounds.  So, there is an entry fee of $10, but hey, it’s for a great cause!

Check it out, who knows, you might get to train with the elite!  Visit the website here and submit your entry before time runs out.

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