Tips for Shooting While Kneeling

If you have played paintball before, then you know that this sport requires you to be in different positions at all times.  Kneeling and shooting is one of those positions that you will constantly find yourself in, especially if you end up behind an extremely low bunker in the middle of the playing field.  Behind one of these low bunkers, you need to play super low and tight; by doing so, you will avoid getting shot at and can move, shoot and bail much more effectively.  In this article, we will be discussing some of the simple, yet crucial, tips for shooting while kneeling behind a low bunker.kneeling

First and foremost, when you end up behind a low bunker you must constantly be in decision mode.  Be asking yourself, “Am I going to stay here, or should I get up and go?”  Depending on what decision you make, staying or going, this should affect your stance.  So let’s start with the “I’m going to stay here” decision…

Decision: Staying Behind the Low Bunker

If you decide during play that you want to stay and play behind the low bunker, then you need to check and adjust your stance accordingly.  Both knees need to be on the ground, meaning you are planted here.  The downside to having both knees on the ground is that it makes it much more difficult to bail at any time; however, planting both knees allows for increased stability and balance while shooting.

Also, take a look at your feet.  If they are splayed out and visible to the opposite team, then more than likely, your foot will get shot at.  So, what you want to do is tuck in your feet and have them under your butt.  Sit back on your feet and get comfy, because more than likely, you aren’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon!

Another advantage to being on two knees (with your feet tucked in) behind the bunker is that you have the capability to lean both left and right without falling over.  That added stability coming from your knees and feet give you more room to move behind this smaller bunker.

kneelDecision: I’m getting up and bailing

So you don’t want to stay behind the bunker, it just seems to risky.  Well, with these tips we are about to give you, you can better maneuver yourself and quickly bail from this spot.

If you are going to get up and run, then don’t plant both knees on the ground; only take one knee, and leave one foot on the ground so you can spring up and run.  The downside to not staying behind the bunker is the risk of developing tunnel vision in this spot.  You will want to mentally break yourself out of only looking one way and at one opponent.  Be constantly active and make decisions accordingly.  Always be on the move and ready to guard yourself.  Even if you make a bad decision, you can recover…depending on the decision of course.

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