Tips For The Completely New Paintball Player

Are you new to paintball?

The first step is doing all of your research. The second step is getting set up with some killer equipment (you can visit our website, we like to sell paintball gear). After you to that, you might want to subscribe to our YouTube channel or join on Facbeook for more updates.

Look, I'm new! Can someone help?

Look, I’m new! Can someone help?

Got that part?

Good. Now, let’s talk about some basic “dos” and “don’ts” for new paintball players. Avoid these mistakes and don’t look like a complete amateur when you head out on the field. Better yet—follow these tips and don’t leave the field injured!

Keep Your Mask On AT ALL TIMES – Whenever you are on the field, your mask needs to be on. Even when no paint is flying and even before a match even starts. Your mask always stays on.

Not On The Field? Barrel Plug In – Go pick up a Ball Breaker barrel condom right now. Keep it on whenever you are not playing. It doesn’t matter if the safety is on. It doesn’t matter what your intentions are. If you aren’t on the field, you need your barrel plugged or covered.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Getting Shot – Don’t let the fear of getting shot keep you from playing the game. This is the one thing that holds new players back. You’re going to have to throw yourself right into the mix, even if it means getting shot. Paintballs hurt. Deal with it. It’s going to happen. There is no reason to be afraid of them.

Shoot Around Bunkers, Not Over Them – Try to peak around corners to fire instead of going over bunkers. You want to minimize the amount of your marker and body that is exposed when returning fire.

Line Of Sight Rule – If you can see your opponent, they can see you too and they can hit you with paint. Always be aware that you are visible and vulnerable if you see an opponent who is also visible and vulnerable.

Movement Restriction Is The Game – You want to restrict the other team’s movement. They want to restrict yours. The goal is to lock down major lanes where people will be moving while maintaining freedom of movement for your team. Some people move forward immediately, others stay in the back and provide a steady stream of paint down anticipated lanes of major movement. Always think about how to restrict opponent movement and how to avoid having your movement restricted.

Be Alert – This one is simple! Pay attention to what is going on around you. Over time, you’ll learn to quickly analyze and interpret information you see and the information that your teammates are communicating with you.

Learn Your Body And Gear – This goes along with being alert. Be aware of where your body is, how big your target profile is, and how much your gear adds to your body.  This is a huge point to consider when you are taking cover or peaking around the corner of a bunker to send paint down field. Try to minimize the amount of surface area you expose.

Don’t Be Afraid To Call For A Ref – If you aren’t sure if you’ve been hit, don’t be afraid to call for a ref to see. That’s their job!

When You Aren’t Shooting, Communicate – Paintball is a game of communication. When you aren’t shooting, you need to be communicating with your teammates verbally, with hand signals, and visually. Work with your team! That’s the key to success.

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