The Weekender #7 – New Editor – DJI Phantom, XF300, and GoPro Hero 3+

We have a new editor!  Check out this recent Weekender filmed with the DJI Phantom Quadcoptor, Canon XF300 and GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition.  Views switch from headshot to barrel camera, to a third person view giving you a wider experience of our September 14th Blitz Paintball game.

You will notice our players using the CCM T2 Paintball Guns, which, if you navigate over to our online shop you will notice that these guns are customizable!  Really cool!  Depending on the player’s preference, these guns are customizable with 1, 2, or 3 different colors and are well sought after pump paintball guns for a reason – the customizing, of course.  With an auto trigger kit and options galore, you just can’t go wrong.  Paired with the NXe Elevation Harnesses, performance on the field was effortless and smooth.  These harnesses are state of the art and have been viewed as the gold standard for all other harnesses out there.  If you are a serious paintball player, then you have to get one of these harnesses.  And how about the Dye I4 masks our guys were sporting?  They had some of the best field vision out there, with extreme comfort and lightweight design.

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