The season of “new” stuff is here!

Time is fast approaching the year of 2013 – and with it comes next years designs of cool and new stuff! Personally I have a bit of a gripe, and I have a question for you all.

Now, instead of a Lime Tiger i4 I can get a Lime Atlas one! Admittedly, Dye’s patterns this year look a helluva lot better than last year. Seriously, the mottos plastered all over the gear was lame. Honestly though, do any of you get excited about the “new” stuff every year?

Clearly, releasing the same product with slight to no changes has been working for someone.

Clearly there are some differences between the C12 and C13 soft goods but nothing big that is going to actually change perception on the quality of goods or if you should buy them.

This issue even goes beyond the soft goods. The Ego no longer has a number associated with it because Planet Eclipse made a smart move of letting us all know they have nothing they can/want to change on the platform. Unfortunately for most other markers, they are treated just like the soft goods. Milling changes, colors change, the box design changes; but in reality nothing really changes.

Look at the DM12 compared to the DM13 – Aside from the trigger and some milling absolutely nothing changed. NOTHING. Does it bother you at all? I know it does for me. I get WAY MORE excited when there is a brand new product (I.E. DAM) that is announced. I like new, I like different, I like out of the ordinary.

I don’t know about you, but I care about the 2013 version of all of this stuff about as much as I care about the upcoming 2014 Toyota Camry.

Can you spot the differences?

See what I did there? I actually don’t. I feel like in a way, some manufacturers are just complacent with changing some colors and rolling out “new” gear every year and I just don’t like it.

There is of course a flip side to this argument that if nothing “changed” in the industry year by year, if things were not created for you to purchase because they are just ever so slightly different than the rendition that came before it — would you get bored?

Personally I wouldn’t  – but then again I am not a gun/gear whore of any kind. I have three pairs of pants I have gotten through seasons of sponsorship, and I am happy with those pants until they fall apart. I don’t need to run out and get the new Slash Blue Redemption pants because that pattern is calling to me like my one true love.

The difference for me between this, and when the E-Flex came out last year is absolutely huge. My mind was so blown I thought about getting arrested for knocking Simon the ‘eff out and running off into the sunset with my stolen E-flexes never to be seen again.

That is the thing though, the E-Flex is a mash-up of two currently existing masks that was something absolutely brand new and different. It did not make the Proflex a waste of money, or the E-Vent even more of a waste of money, because it was always awful. The E-Flex came into the fold as an instant contender that did not directly compete with the other two masks it was related to. It was an extremely smart decision and I am still excited that the mask released in the first place.

I am looking forward to seeing what new and different things come in the years to come, I am not excited about if I will be able to get C14 Pink Hack pants or whatever they decide to make their patterns next year.

My question to you is, do you get excited at all? Is my opinion off base from the rest of the ballers out there? Will you go out and buy a jersey just because it is the next years version? Do you appreciate the fact that the jersey you own currently is no longer on the market and no one else can get it now that the year has passed?

Really, as a consumer the only true advantage I see is that as soon as the new stuff comes out, the old stuff goes on sale because it is no longer under the MAP umbrella. The whole thing just frustrates me.

– Trevor

5 thoughts on “The season of “new” stuff is here!

  1. I can’t agree more. It seems like very year the label may say “new” gear. But in all reality they change a color pattern, throw some new padding on somewhere, or have a different milling pattern and the proceed to throw a price tag on it that was even more expensive than the past years models. The rotor for instance. What can you really do different to a rotor to make it better? NOTHING! Hence the reason why Dye has proceeded to change the colors on them from year to year and call them the “new product” and charge more for them. Trevor, you are not the only one who does not like this and I am sure you and I are not the only ones. Thumbs up to Planet Eclipse though for admitting that they can’t make the Ego and better, and just NOT making another Ego and charging $1000+ for one as some companies do.

  2. I get excited, because they’ll put the 2012 stuff on clearance and I can score some deals lol!

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