The Next Three Weeks are Non-Stop Balling! :)

Hey everyone!

We were just sitting around the office realizing that we hadn’t written a blog in about 10 days, this is unacceptable! So a thought came up on what is heading it’s way for the factory team, Anomaly. Over the next three weeks the schedule is going to be absolutely nuts! Starting this weekend we are kicking off Blitz Paintball’s Novice Tournament league for the 2012 season with the first 5-man tourney of the year! Last year in Rookie we took 1st place twice on 5-mans; so we are pretty stoked to kick off the year with one.

Continuing on to next week we have the first big scenario game of the year in Colorado! DMS Scenario’s “Band of Brothers: Assault on the Eagle’s Nest” It is a multi-day event that we will be camping out for and generally just having a good time. This is especially awesome for me because I have not played paintball in months due to my deteriorating knees and alltogether resigning as a core member of the team. Scenario’s are where I truly get to embrace the sport and our culture fully with hundreds of people on each side working together towards the same goal. I cannot wait! Hopefully we should have our freshly designed team jerseys by then.

Ta-Da! What do you all think?

After a weekend filled with paintbullet slinging, destroying the opforce and all together childish debauchery among men we move on to the next tournament in Blitz Paintballs novice bracket. A 3-man, the bane of our teams existence. We have embarrassed ourselves twice in 3-mans and look to make up for it this year.. well.. guaranteed we will at least do better about HAVING FUN this year during the tournament. That’s why we all play anyways, right?

That’s what we are all going to be up to over the next few weekends, what about you? Needless to say, as all of us are super excited that the paintball season is getting back into the full swing of things.

– Trevor

2 thoughts on “The Next Three Weeks are Non-Stop Balling! :)

  1. I’ve been at blitz with you guys for the past few weeks and will also be at the Band of Brothers. Super stoked and I’ll see you guys there!

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