The Limited Edition PDD Axe


It has been almost a year since I first saw these. I am not sure what took so long for them to be released but to be honest I am actually excited about an Axe for once. The price is a little hefty, but at least you are getting a true high end marker when it comes down to it. There is a lot of support for the Axe in the industry, which I do not necessarily agree with, but this Axe is actually legit.

Out of the box the bugger comes with a two-piece freak kit that includes bore sizes of .675, .680, .685, .690, and .695. Now, some of these sizes are a little odd, which throws me off and bums me out a little bit. .695?! who makes paint that size anyhow?

Bear in mind, the Freak Kit does not come with an Apex tip, because that’s silly.

The largest I have ever had to bore my paint is when it has swelled beyond .690, and that was a few years ago before paint got smaller. But I digress, the fact that it does come with a barrel kit is really quite cool.

What really sets this apart is that it comes with the Redline already installed on the marker, something I believe all Axes should come with out of the gate, but whatever. The Redline brings the design of the Axe full circle and makes it a true contender. Those of you who like to mess with your settings to get it tuned just right for you, now you don’t have to deal with one blinking LED and having to sit with your manual on your lap. Lastly, I think we can all agree that this is easily one of the best looking Axes to ever be produced, I mean just look at that color combination!

Aside from these improvements over the standard Axe it comes with all the things people have come to love about the platform. The Relay ASA, hoseless design, light and compact. It is also backed by Empire so you know that you will be taken care of if something goes wrong.

Did I mention what they did with the threading on the Freak Kit that comes with this marker? Seriously, I have NO CLUE why anyone has not done this before but I hope everyone starts to follow suit. Proper paintball guns are Autococker threaded, right? This is true, except as you all know it takes an eternity to thread AC barrels on and off, so, why not shorten them? That is exactly what Empire did with the threads on the Freak Kit that comes with this edition of the Axe. It is so excellent to get that barrel off/on in 1 1/2 turns. That is not a typo 1 1/2 turns! It sounds so inconsequential at the moment, but seriously try it out for size and you WILL NOT want to go back. No, this does not affect any barrels you currently own that  are Autococker threaded, they will thread into this Axe just like they normally would.

I think the main bragging right about owning this marker though (I mean, we’re paintballers, a lot of us are trashy guys that just want to have something you DON’T) is that it is extremely limited. They made these markers to order, only as many as were ordered by dealers at Kee Action Sports Premier Dealer Day last February are getting these. They are not a marker that is going to be in production and very few people will have them. As it stands we only have 3 total.

So, if you are an Axe fan, which we know a lot of you are, I mean look at some of the hurt feelings in the comments on our versus video and you will see what I mean :).

But.. but.. Infamous uses the Axe SO IT IS JUST AS GOOD AS THE EGO!!

We only have a few of these and we are not going to be getting anymore, snatch them up and you will easily have the best and prettiest Axe to be produced that all the other fans of this marker will drool over.

My two cents? It is the only Axe worth spending money on if you are going to buy one. This is a legit marker that I would not mind shooting – against or with my friends and their Egos.


4 thoughts on “The Limited Edition PDD Axe

  1. I like the 1.5 turn barrel thread setup, tho a bit concerned what it might do to the threads on the gun body after repeated use? since it puts all force just one a few threads…

  2. I think I can trust the engineers at Empire to know what they are doing on that front – but I get your point. 1 1/2 turns is a small amount to spin the barrel, but it does not have extremely short threads, so I am pretty confident this wouldn’t be an issue except for the most chaotic of snake diving players that core-sample on a regular basis.

    Good thought though, hopefully something like that doesn’t end up being a story.


  3. This makes me proud to be an Axe Owner. This is truly a high end marker. Colors are beautiful, comes with a freak kit, and you know Empire is going to take care of you. Empire youve done it we wait for the “vanquish.”

  4. It just needs a Low-Rise feedneck, and it would be perfect. I think that all manufacturers should shorten the amount of turns needed on these barrels. Will make a world of difference on the field.

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