The Hustle Reload Featuring Chris!

This is Chris. I stole the camera and made a secret Reload. Er- Unload? In any event, here’s some video to watch. Also – remember – the right lane is for driving, and the left lane is for passing. Do not use the left lane unless you are passing. XOXOX

– Chris


Featured in this most recent Hustle Reload is the Planet Eclipse GSL Paintball Gun!!  If you are looking for an after Christmas gift, then this paintball gun is a must.  With all of its features and stunning fusion of technology, from the Geo3, the Ego LV1, the Ego CSL together with all new ideas developed specifically for the GSL.

On its own, the Planet Eclipse GSL has some of its own unique features that will make you say, “Holy crap, why haven’t I bought one of these yet?!”

Some of these unique features to the GSL include:

  • Bespoke GSL 3D Milled Body
  • Bespoke GSL 3D Milled Quick Release Bonnet
  • Bespoke GSL 3D Milled Grip Frame
  • Bespoke GSL 3D Milled AT POPS
  • Bespoke GSL 3D Milled Contoured Eye Covers
  • Bespoke GSL IV Core Internals
  • Bespoke GSL Propshaft with Spring-Loaded Drive Core
  • Bespoke GSL ST1Bolt and ST2 Bolt
  • Bespoke GSL Circuit Board With USB Interface – Cable and Software Included
  • Bespoke GSL Dual Triggers – “Blade” and “S” Style Triggers Included
  • Bespoke GSL AT Pipe Assembly
  • Bespoke GSL 5-Piece SL3 Shaft Barrel Kit
  • Lazer-Eyes Red BBSS System
  • Exclusive PBNation GSL Badge

The use of bespoke parts are not used on or in any other model in the range – so this paintball gun is especially special and unique all in its own.  Additionally, every metal part on the outside of this gun are manufactured for and only for the GSL – yes, this does include the body, the frame, the trigger and the POPS!

Some pictures of the Planet Eclipse GSL for you to gawk over :)


Planet Eclipse GSL Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse GSL Paintball Gun Planet Eclipse GSL Paintball Gun Back Planet Eclipse GSL Paintball Gun Body Planet Eclipse GSL Paintball Gun Trigger

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