The Hustle Reload #49 – Quick & dirty tour of New Hustle and a CBTC on RDR settings

“Sorry for the delay! Turns out a bunch of 3D graphics were causing encoding issues. Had to scrap ’em. Bummer.” -Russell

This week we give you a weekly time lapsed update on the move to New Hustle, or Hustle 2.0.  Cromer hosts a long BTC on the new 2014 Dye i4 masks and talks about the new Pulse RDR along with our new T2s
we got in.

Some questions are gone over in a Qn’A which leads us to a quick and dirty tour of the new place!

Some New Products You Gotta Check Out…

Check out the new CCM T2 – Build Your Own Paintball Gun, you know…the one of your CCM T2 Pump Marker Detaildreams!  This CCM T2 pump paintball marker is definitely a sought after gun, and for good reason.  You get to customize and create the look and feel of the ultimate paintball gun you have always wanted.  The only downside is there is a 4-6 week turnaround, but hey the wait is worth it simply because the performance and customization is amazing.  Depending on the features you select, the price may vary but rest assured, your hard earned money will be well spent!

CCM T2 Pump MarkerSome of the features you get with the CCM T2 pump paintball gun:

  • Dust (matte) or polished finish with dust or polished accents – you choose!
  • Auto trigger kit and a grip frame of your choice with CCM custom grip panels and trigger
  • Bottom line kit
  • Pump return spring
  • 11″ barrel with a 3″ sizer insert of your choice*
  • Choice of feedneck style
  • The pump kit has dust OR polished hardware, pump return spring, the new dual rod assembly and T2 pump handle.
  • Diamond honed bolt bore
  • All of the rods are made from stainless steel
  • Aluminum parts are made from 6061 aluminum for improved anodized finish and color match
  • Each marker has been fully tested and adjusted before it is shipped

Visit this link to see what the customizer is all about.  There are many colors, options and features that you can choose from!

The 2014 Dye Precision i4 Mask

We have reviewed the Dye i4 Masks before, but these new 2014 masks are really great and must be showcased!  Just to recap some of the features:

  • The i4 Rapid Lens Change System
  • 290 Degrees of Horizontal and Peripheral Vision
  • Co-Molded Soft Low Profile MaskDye Precision i4 Mask Airstrike
  • Soft Lightweight Ear Protection
  • Comfortable Anatomic Mask Fit
  • Retention Strap
  • Extreme Multi-Directional Venting
  • 20% Lighter Than Previous i3 Pro Goggle System
  • Upgraded with a High Definition Thermal Lens


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