The Hustle Reload #40 – Dye 2014 Gear is Here! Plus a special message from Jason H.

Hello to our fellow Paintball Connoisseurs!  Here we are at our Hustle Reload #40 and man is it full of some greatness.  Erik goes over almost all of the new 2014 DYE gear in detail so that you guys can have an up close look instead of drooling over them through boring stock photos.  You can thank him later…

New Gear for 2014!

Dye Precision i4 Mask System

In a nutshell, the Dye Precision i4 Mask is the smallest, lightest, lowest profile and best field of vision mask available.  Below are some of the really great features that have been incorporated:

  • The i4 Rapid Lens Change System – A revolutionary patent pending rapid lens change system allows you to change the lens within 10 seconds or less.  It is the quickest and easiest lens changing system in today’s paintball world.  The unique design of two tabs allows you to remove the current lens and replace or clean it with ease.  There are no separate parts that need to be taken off, and no extra pieces in your hand to make changing difficult.
  • 290 Degrees of Horizontal and Peripheral Vision – The i4 offers more vertical and horizontal peripheral vision than any other mask system on the market.  Clear unobstructed vision both up and down allows you to clearly see all of the field details without constantly moving your head.  This makes movement much easier to recognize and provides you with a clear visual advantage.  Combined with this is

    Dye Precision i4 Mask in Cyan

    their optically correct tirodial impact lens that provides optical clarity and sharpness while protecting your eyes.

  • Comolded Soft Low Profile Mask – The i4 goggle system provides you with comfort, rigidity and lightweight protection with this one piece, dual infected mask.

Check out all of the colors that the Dye Precision i4 Mask comes in, all available on our website:

Dye Precision UL Pants

Check out these Dye Precision UL Pants!  According to Dye, these pants make you FASTER!  How?  You may be asking, well here is their answer:


“These pants were created with the athlete in mind, providing the perfect combination of flexibility, durability, and style. We know that paintball players need more flexibility, more breathability, and less bulkiness to reach their highest potential on the playing field. Only Dye Ultralite Pants can provide athletes with all three. Play a tournament with Dye Ultralite pants and watch how much faster you make it to your bunker off the break, notice how much easier it is to stay alive on the field, and stay cooler and perform better when every second counts.”

Dye Precision 2014 DM14 Paintball Marker

Man are we loving this Dye Precision 2014 DM14 Paintball Marker!  You demand dye-precision-2014-dm14-paintball-markerperfection, so that is what this company delivered.  The DM14 represents over ten years of paintball marker evolution.  It is smaller and more air efficient than previous DMs, with a streamlined design, nearly half an inch shorter than the DM13.  It is also easier to clean and maintain than ever before.


Some noteworthy features include:

  • Gasthru
  • Low Profile Design
  • Quick Release Magnetic Bolt
  • Reach Airport
  • Hyper 4 Regulator
  • Eye Pipe Plateless Enclosure
  • Sticky Grips
  • Fuse Bolt System
  • Reach Trigger
  • Ultralite 45 Frame
  • Low Pressure Regulator
  • Color Coordinated O-Rings
  • Quick Release Magnetic Bolt

Other Dye 2014 Products

Be sure to check out some of these other Dye 2014 Products that you just do not want to miss out on.  Including:

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