The Hustle Reload #39 – 2013 PSP World Cup!!!

The Hustle Paintball crew headed down to Florida for 2013s PSP World Cup!  As some of the best teams in the world were grinding it out, we walked around filming some of the newest and most noteworthy products soon to appear for your purchasing likings.

You will notice some of these awesome products featured in the clip:

  • The Empire BT D*Fender Paintball Marker with Integrated Loader (in Black)–The innovative genius of Empire Paintball is at it again with this new marker.  The

    The Empire BT D*Fender in Black

    D*Fender has ultra-strong, lightweight magnesium shells with the high performance guts of Empire markers and a Z2 loader inside.  Check it out and get yours today at Hustle Paintball!

  • The same gun, The Empire BT D*Fender Paintball Marker with Integrated Loader, also come in grey!  Same price, just a different color.
  • The Planet Eclipse Geo3.1 Paintball Gun comes in nearly 30 different colors, this one just so happens to be Punk Pink.  Currently, this marker is on Pre-Order and will available to ship mid-December, so definitely

    Planet Eclipse Geo3.1 Paintball Marker

    purchase yours today so you can get in just in time for Christmas!  The Geo3.1 has unparalleled performance; it is so smooth, quiet and utterly devastating.  The Geo3.1 simply epitomizes everything that is great about a spool valve single tube paintball marker.  The Geo platform has gained so much popularity amongst tournament and woodsball players alike, making it a third generation prodigy.  With some of the latest technologies, you don’t want to leave this marker out of your collection – the electronics are fully adjustable via the on-board backlit LCD display and solenoid graphical user interface.  Also, the Geo3.1 uses a Custom MAC solenoid valve system that drives the bolt mechanism and controls the filling of the fire chamber.  Pretty darn cool!  So yea, get it at our online store today!

  • Up next, we have the Planet Eclipse GSL Paintball Gun.  This has been a long time coming paintball marker.  Mechanically, it replaces the standard threaded internals

    Planet Eclipse GSL Paintball Gun in Vyper

    coming with a new quick release system.  The IV Core is made up of all new


    Planet Eclipse GSL Paintball Gun

    components with new ST3 bolt, super soft ST3 bolt tip, can, propshaft, propshaft tip, back cap, locking mechanism and bonnet.  This gun is truly remarkable.  We were drooling over it.

  • And we also are featuring the Planet Eclipse GSL Paintball Gun in Pure.

    39 - Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun in Pure

    Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun in Pure

  • As well as in Vyper!
  • And check out Virtue Paintball’s VIO Thermal Goggles that you can customize!  These goggles are probably the most comfortable, well-designed goggles to hit the market in years.  With really awesome features, such as quick change lens abilities, anti-fog dual pane thermal lens and lightweight comfort, these goggles are one of a kind – virtue-vio-gogglesomething you won’t want to miss out on.  Plus!  You choose the colors.  There are tons of combinations you can do, so visit our website and start customizing your very own Virtue Paintball VIO Thermal Goggle.
  • The new HK Army KLR goggle system has finally arrived!  HK Army has undergone nearly 4 years of development and are now proud to announce the release of their most advanced goggle system to ever hit the sport of paintball.  These goggles come in many

    HK Army KLR Thermal Goggle

    different colors, feature optically correct, high-def, UV/IR shielded dual-pane thermal lens, dual-density overmolded face shield, patent-pending PVTLock quick-change lens retention system, high-density compression molded earpieces and more!  The HK Army KLR goggle system is the most comfortable, innovative, and customizable goggle in the history of paintball.  The picture we have featured here, showcases the new Metallic Gold color – we thought it was pretty awesome.

So there is your insight into what we saw and did at the 2013 PSP World Cup!  It was a blast, needless to say, and we saw some of our awesome fans and friends, shredded it out on the field and got to preview some of these up and coming technology rich products that we will and do have available for you to purchase on our website!

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