The Hustle Reload #38 – Bane Returns As We Pack Up for PSP World Cup!


Hustle Paintball went to PSP World Cup!!!!  And damn it, it was kickass!  Yes, we had an awesome time, yes we got some awesome footage (which you will have to check out in the upcoming Hustle Reload #39 posting), and YES we kicked some major ass (in case you were wondering).

Might we add that this event was awesome!  Apparently, PSP World Cup absolutely shattered previous attendance records – The place was PACKED OUT!  Which, that might be why they call it the “World Cup”, thousands of players come from all over


Team Anomaly, featuring Ethan!

the world to Polk City, Florida.  Countries that were represented included Belgium, Mexico, South Africa, the UK and ALL 50 states!  It was crazy, yet phenomenal.  Needless to say, we soaked it all up and played like crazy, shredding it out on the fields.

Featured were 12 fields for everyone to compete on.  There were PSP RaceTo formats from Division 5 all the way to Professional.  You even saw Pump, 10-Man and Ultimate Woodsball as well.  The playing was excellent, the fields were well designed and the paint was flying like mad!  We couldn’t think of a better paintball tournament to attend!


At PSP World Cup! Check out our Team Anomaly Jerseys designed by Kohn Sports!

But back to the clip – Meanwhile, we show you a sneak peek into how we interrogate our new employees – they must truly earn their spot on the Hustle Paintball team.  So be sure to checkout this exclusive interview with Bane.  We learn what he does here on the team, what his purpose is and what he likes the most about working with us – “You never know what’s going to happen…”

Some of you have been asking how to use the Squirrel Tail Squeegee – so Dash takes us through an intriguing demonstration on how to properly insert and use the squeegee.  Not to worry, you will be extremely educated on how to use it with ease. Great job, Dash!

Also, Erik quickly goes over a Pooty modded Luxe bolt for us!  Enjoy!

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