The First Paintball Game EVER

Have you ever thought about when paintball first started and who played?  Why they played and how they came up with the concept?  We thought about that too and can offer this to you – a pretty cool story behind the first ever paintball game.

In 1977, Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines of New Hampshire got together over drinks, and came up with a ‘cool’ concept on how to start a type of stalking game, posed as a first-paintball-game-everchallenge to their friends.  Excitement arose as questions came up, “could a successful business man and author be able to survive out in the woods against a soldier or hunter?”  And “is survival in the woods something that comes with instinct or does the environment take care of said outdoorsman?”  So with that, the two friends approached a ski shop owner, Bob Guernsey, and had him write up the first set of rules for their paintball game.

In May of 1981, the three gentlemen decided to forego their paintball game and bought the Nel-spot 007 marker to test it on a human – Charles’ son, who claimed, “it did not hurt!”  The men then decided to advertise the game and it came with a response of 12 players.

June 27, 1981 was game-day; the 12 players geared up and each was armed with a Nel-spot 007 marker.  Half of the players were hunters and the other half was business-men (stock brokers, writers, venture capitalists and surgeons!).  The form of play was “capture the flag” on an 80-acre cross-country ski area filled with over growth-wooded land.  There were 4 flag stations, each with 12 flags of the same color, one for each player.  The stations each had a referee who blew the whistle every 15 minutes.  After battle, Ritchie White was the winner who gathered all of his flags first, and won the first paintball game ever played!

So there you have it, just in case you were wondering – When was the first paintball game to ever be played?

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