The Best Paintball Squeegee For You

Sometimes, it can be tough to figure out which squeegee or swab is the best for you – what’s the difference between straight shot, pull-through and battleswab squeegees? We cover that in this video and help you decide just what you need to have in your gearbag!

The Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid – Swab/Squeegee Combo

Possibly the best barrel swab on the market today for your paintball gun, the Exalt Barrel Maid incorporates a patent pending squeegee design on one end, and a thick and absorbent swab on the other.


Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab/Squeegee Combo

Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab/Squeegee Combo

  • Barrel Buffer – Won’t unravel, easy to wash, cleans like a champ.
  • Rocket Disk – Something you’ve never seen before. All-weather seal retracts during insertion to prevent paint going up your barrel, then expands as you pull back to remove everything in it’s way.
  • Molded Shaft – Not built on a twig, this beast of squeegee is forged out of tough & flexible plastic.
  • All pieces are 100% interchangeable and 100% replaceable.

The Bomb Swab Super Deluxe Sheepskin Battleswab

You play paintball, so you will need a swab. You might as well get the best one and not waste your time – and money – on all the others. This is the End-All, Be-All Swab.
bomb swab sheepskin battleswab
The Bomb Swab Super Deluxe Sheepskin Battleswab is overbuilt by design and is made to clean better and last longer than other swabs. The ultra absorbent material cleans all that goop quickly without leaving any traces behind. The strong rubber mid-section ensures the swab will be straight immediately after you remove it from the pocket and is stiff enough to not crumple when shoved down your barrel in the heat of battle. The glue used in this swab is oil resistant and will keep the swab together game after game.


  • More swab material means faster cleaningBomb Swab Super Deluxe Sheepskin Battleswab Cleaning
  • More absorbent material means better cleaning
  • Best rubber connector means your swab stays straight and will never be floppy
  • Truly overbuilt design will last for years

TLDR – This swab will last for YEARS. Typically, they get lost before they wear out. So, don’t lose yours!

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