The Best First Strike Rifled Barrel (FSR Barrel) made by Lapco

We’ve always said that rifled barrels are total crap. But that has been before we used a Lapco rifled barrel (that’s made properly, unlike some other manufacturers that we won’t mention) with First Strike rounds…. If you’re using First Strike rounds, you should be using this barrel, end of story.

Lapco FSR First Strike Rifled Barrel – 0.683 – 15 inch – Bead Blasted Black – Autococker/DAM/Tracer



The Lapco FSR Rifled Barrel is the final answer in First Strike specific barrels. Specifically designed for use with First Strike rounds, the FSR Rifled Barrel will give your marker the ultimate sniper edge. Lapco designed this barrel in conjunction with Tiberius to be the most accurate and consistent barrel for First Strike rounds. This barrel does NOT come with a tip.


  • 0.683 bore size is the perfect size for First Strike rounds
  • Rifled to increase accuracy and promote in flight stability of the round
  • Lapco BigShot Assault threaded tip
  • Made by LAPCO in the USA!

Lapco FSR First Strike Rifled Barrel – 0.683 – 14 inch – Bead Blasted Black – Hammer 7



Lapco FSR First Strike Rifled Barrel – 0.683 – 9 inch – Bead Blasted Black – TPX



Lapco Tiberius T8.1/T9.1 FSR First Strike Rifled Barrel – 0.683 – Bead Blasted Black


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