Techt iFits

I will admit, when I first heard about the Techt iFit when Ethan got back from PBE last year I was skeptical; paintballs having the limitations we are all familiar with and all. Most barrel sizers seemed to be a solution in search of a problem, but with TECHT having such a good track record with the Hush Bolt and their line of upgrades for various other markers, I decided to give the iFit a spin. When our shipment arrived from TECHT, I was immediately struck by the excellent manufacturing quality, finish and packaging. Now it being for paintball, it was an outside toy, and I was admittedly concerned about scratch resistance and that sort of thing. After using it every weekend for the last year or so it still looks brand new, but I digress…

The actual inserts come in a variety of sizes ranging from hilariously small to quite large, and they are both color coded and laser-etched with the internal diameter. After a few false starts, I got it on my Ego 11 and took it out back of Hustle with a hand held chrono for some Science!

While it does make your barrel about 2 inches longer, I barely noticed the change in length. I loaded up my marker with some WPN Elixir and fired off 5 balls, 290 +/- 3, so right where I had my gun set from last weekend at the field. I put the iFit on and repeated the 5 ball test, 305 +/- 2, I presumed the chrono I had was off, I did it again and got similar results. I retreated into the office and fetched Ethan’s marker, loaded it up with more Elixir and repeated the test from before… same thing, a gain of about 12-15 fps. Ok, so it makes for a more effective use of the HPA, that is something noteworthy but how about accuracy? Well I certainly felt more accurate, but that might have been a placebo, so in the interest of more SCIENCE, I got out the bench rest and went to work. The results were a bit more subtle, in the range of 5-9% more accuracy over the stock barrel.

So will the iFit turn you into a deadeye overnight? Well no, but combined with good quality paint it will give measureable improvements in both efficiency as well as accuracy.

As an aside, if one of your friends has one of these, take the insert out and put the empty black baffle back on to their marker, will result is a rather amusing result of his marker barely shooting paint beyond 6 inches.


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