Team Anomaly Sandana Headwear

Sandana has been around almost since the beginning of paintball and has been making some of the most popular head gear in the sport for years. Never before have they made headgear for any team; pro or otherwise. But, in their 2011 line, they are releasing a custom color scheme called Anomaly Flying Skulls.For those of you who do no know, Team Anomaly is Hustle Paintball’s factory team. For years other companies, teams, and players alike have been requesting custom color schemes from Sandana, but they have always politely declined. This is a first ever!

Using the popular flying skulls color scheme, Sandana has used the Anomaly team colors: black and lime green. Not only are they making head bands and prolines in the Anomaly color scheme, they are also making Venomwear Sabotage pants and player tees in the Anomaly color scheme.

Be sure to check these out! Here is a link to the video of the  Team Anomaly Sandanas!



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  2. I have been there since the begining with Sandana and these new ones that the team is rocking they look GREAT in Person.

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