Review: Tippmann Mag-Fed Adapter

tippmann 98 mag-fed

If you have been looking to get into mag-fed but you don’t want to have to pay a ton of money to buy a marker specifically for mag-fed play, then boy do we have a hot ware for you! Tippmann has released a mag-fed adapter that makes it possible to convert your regular 98-style paintball marker (including U.S. Army markers with the 98-style feed elbow) into a mag-fed marker, and because it’s Tippmann, you can be rest assured that it delivers.

Installing the Tippmann Mag-Fed Adapter couldn’t be easier: in fact, it only takes a few seconds to install. Simply take your feed elbow off, take your adapter out of the packaging, and just slip it on your 98-style marker. After that, your marker will be a true mag-fed marker!

It uses TPX or TCR-style magazines, and it comes with two 7-ball true feed. It can use the 12-round true feed and the ZetaMag. It’s one of Caleb’s favorite products (and you can see proof in this video here).

Ready to buy? Go here to buy the Mag-Fed Adapter, and if you want a Tippmann 98 while you’re at it? Go here to buy! And happy Mag-Feddin’!

How to: Install a Response Trigger + Cyclone Feed System on Single Port Tippmann Marker

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So here’s the situation: you want to install a response trigger and a Cyclone Feed System, yet you have no idea how to do it. Scouring the Internet and countless paintball forums, you are unable to find a decent tutorial that easily explains how to accomplish this. You don’t want to throw caution to the wind and attempt to customize your Tippmann marker (you don’t want to ruin it after all), so what can you do?

The solution is simple you big dummy! Read this tutorial below (while watching our tutorial video if you prefer), and get the 411 on how to modify your Tippmann marker with a response trigger and cyclone feed system. Here’s how to do it.

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Tippmann Cronus Review: The Best Paintball Gun for Beginners?

What’s up with the Tippmann Cronus? We took a quick look at it in CBTC #3 a few days ago, now you can see Jeff giving you the full rundown. Check out the video below.

A lot of people have been calling and emailing to ask what this new paintball gun is all about. As we mentioned a few days ago, it doesn’t have revolutionary internals—it’s a Tippmann 98 in a new body. We aren’t encouraging you to hate it. That’s actually a good thing. It’s actually the best paintball gun for beginners. Here’s why.

Reason 1: Reliability of Tippmann 98

Every paintball field everywhere rents Tippmann 98s. Reliability is the reason. Paintball fields want people to get into paintball; they want renters to have a good time. The Tippmann 98 is one of the most popular paintball guns of all time because it reliably produces good experiences.

They are actually hard to break. With limited maintenance they will run forever. The best paintball gun for beginners is the one that will work every time and is easy to take care of. The Cronus doesn’t require advanced mechanical knowledge to use or take apart. It will stand up to abuse. It will work weekend after weekend. The internals are proven—that’s why they rent 98s at every paintball field you go to.

Reason 2: Customization

The Cronus is the best paintball gun for beginners because you can customize it to suit your needs. The biggest problem we see with many entry-level paintball guns are simplistic “what you see is what you get” designs. Most inexpensive paintball guns come in one-size-fits-all packages that can’t be easily modified.

The Cronus is different. The tactical design can be customized to fit a variety of play styles. We’ll talk more about how we like it setup later—for now consider this important point: You don’t want to match your play style to your equipment, you want equipment that matches you. The Cronus includes more modification features than any inexpensive marker we’ve seen.

On top of being customizable, the Cronus shoots comfortably. The grip fits “right,” balance is good with the stock attached running remote, or with the stock removed and a tank attached.

Reason 3: Price

We don’t need to say more about this. The price is right. It’s a $79.00 paintball gun that you can extract much more than $79.00 of function from. My Tippmann 98 is 13 years old. It still works. Don’t knock something that is built on a reliable design.

How Should I set It Up?

Do you need the tactical version? Should you run a remote? These are the types of questions people have been asking alongside comments about the Tippmann 98 internals. The answer depends on your play style and the model you buy.

Removing the stock from the tactical version and attaching a tank places the marker at a perfect height for using the sights. Using the stock and tank is problematic—together they just get in the way. Another problem is that with a mask on, you can’t really see down the sights while using the stock. If you want to use the sights, take the stock off and use a tank. If you’re going to use the stock, run remote. Jeff provides a more extensive explanation in the video review.

The Best Beginner Paintball Gun?

Sure. If you are looking for something flashy the Cronus isn’t it. For a new player who wants something that is going to be fun, comfortable, customizable, and work every time you pull the trigger, the Tippmann Cronus can’t be beat. The people that will knock the Tippmann 98 internals are likely to already own a flashy expensive electronic marker. This paintball gun was built for beginners who want quality, reliability, and functionality at a rock bottom price.

Order the tactical or basic version now from our website. We think you should run it with HPA using NInja’s 48 cu tank for the best affordable results. If you’re going to run remote, get a good harness like the NXe 4+1 (at $25 it can’t be beat) and a decent remote line with disconnect.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun

The Tippmann Cronus is available and in stock now. It comes in two versions—the Cronus Tactical and the Cronus Basic. The tactical has a kick ass design—it’s the model you want if you order this marker. We’re going to get to a full video review later on, but for now you can catch a glimpse of the Tippmann Cronus in CBTC #3 on YouTube:

So, what’s the deal? Is obvious that milsim is popular and the tactical style is “cool” right now. Tippmann is picking up on it and released the Cronus Tactical to tap into the market with an inexpensive milsim paintball gun.

The Cronus is made from a high-impact composite black and tan boy (we might just spray paint ours all black). The tactical version includes a mock silencer, 6-position stock, vertical grip, and a carry handle with built-in sights. There are four rails for attaching AR-style accessories. The barrel is ported on the end. The gas line is internal and the bolt is an in-line design.


Bottom line: The Tippmann Cronus is basically a Tippmann 98 crammed into a new shell. It’s a proven design that some people love and other people love to hate. Like it or not—it’s still a quality marker. It shoots paint, it’s durable, and—for $109.00—it does it in affordable style.

The body on the Cronus Tactical adds a good amount of functionality and a cool look (as soon as we paint it all black). It’s comfortable and it feels well-balanced.

The Tippmann Cronus is the perfect marker for a friend who wants to give paintball a try. It has the “look” everyone is after, the price is right, and with proven internals it will be durable enough to stand up to some good abuse. Some of us still have Tippmann 98s that are over 15 years old and still chugging out paint like the day they were new.

Visit our website to order the Cronus Basic or the Cronus Tactical. They both shoot paint. Buy it for your little sister, get her into paintball, it’s only $109.00.

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Preview: Tippmann M4 Airsoft Rifle

tippmann m4 image

When you think Tippmann, you don’t necessarily think ‘airsoft.’ That’s because Tippmann has never released an airsoft gun – that is until this year. Yes, Tippmann is taking the plunge into the airsoft world, and they are doing so with their debut gun, the Tippmann M4. Sporting the same durability and awesome warranty (one-year like Tippmann’s other products) and of course made right here in the good ol’ US of A, at first glance you will notice that the Tippmann M4 resembles an actual M4.

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First Look at the Tippmann Mag Fed Conversion Kit

We got to check out two exciting new Tippmann products at the 2014 Paintball Extravaganza. The first was Tippmann’s latest mag fed marker, the Tippmann TCR. The other was the Tippmann 98 Custom Mag Fed Conversion Kit which turns the classic Model 98 Custom into a mag fed marker with a 7, 12, or 20 ball magazine capacity. Check out our video where Kevin explains the adapter’s features.

Other manufacturers have made off-brand Tippmann conversion kits that are similar. This one is the real deal—guaranteed to be 100% compatible with all 98 custom, US Army, and TPN markers that utilize the 98 quick-release feed elbow. The conversion kit will ship with two 7-ball Tru-Feed magazines. Tru-feed 12-ball extended magazines and the 20-round Zetamag will also fit the adapter.

You don’t need to make any permanent marker modifications. The Tippmann conversion kit is designed to use the same fasteners as the standard Tippmann 98 quick release feed elbow. It takes seconds to install and it’s easy to switch back and forth between hopper and magazine fed paintball.

The Tru-Feed magazines are identical to the ones that come with the Tippmann TPS Pistol. They utalize a low tension spring system that allows you to use a wider variety of paint compared to other magazines. We’ve had good experience with Tru-Feed magazines. Lower tension springs are less likely to damage paint on hot and humid days.

This is an exciting product for anyone who wants to get in on the mag fed craze without spending a fortune on a new marker. Just about everyone has a Tippmann Model 98—or at least knows someone who owns one. It will definitely get more people into magazine fed paintball.

The Tippmann mag fed conversion kit will be on sale in May for under $50. Be use to check out our website when the time comes to order yours.

Spotlight on the New Tippmann TCR

Tippmann TCR Image

Magfed play is on the rise here in North America. Opting to play with a magazine of two dozen balls rather than a hopper filled with a few hundred, magfed play challenges players to make every shot count. Perfect for the player that prefers their paintball slow yet strategic rather than fast and frenzied, quality magfed play demands top-quality magfed markers. Thus, that’s where Tippmann comes in, as they have just announced their newest magfed market, the TCR (Tactical Combat Rifle).

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How to Install a Tippmann Cyclone Feed Upgrade Kit

The Tippmann Cyclone Feed System Upgrade Kit is one of the most popular aftermarket upgrades for your Tippmann 98 series, US Army Alpha Black or Bravo One, or Project Salvo paintball gun. It’s a very simply, easy install, but can be intimidating to some people, so we walk you through the process of installing the CFS kit.

The Tippmann 98 GTA Cyclone Feed Upgrade Paintball Gun Parts

Now you can give your 98 or 98 custom marker the same advantages as the A-5! And tippmann 98 gta cyclone feed upgrade paintball gun partsNOW, they will fit the all-new US Army Alpha Black and Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Markers!


  • Links the feeder sprocket to the air system
  • Synchronized ball feed for reduced breakage and jamming
  • The faster you shoot, the faster you feed!
  • Feeds up to 15 balls per second
  • Includes wide mouthed 200 round low profile hopper (the same as the one that comes with the 2011 A5 & X7
  • Attaches via quick release elbow
  • May require a different power tube: Please call if you have any questions
  • Fits all Tippmann Model 98, 98 Custom, and Custom Pro markers, as well as US Army Alpha Black, Alpha Black Tactical, Bravo One, and Project Salvo Markers!

Some reviews we have received about the Tippmann 98 GTA Cyclone Feed Upgrade:

“This is definitely worth the money. I purchased this for my Alpha Black and I can definitely tell the difference in the performance.” ~Kim

“Works great easy install, if you own a 98 custom buy this” ~Donavon

“This product realy help me and my gun perform better. i have the tippmann alpha black with an e grip and i needed a cyclone for cheap and the man at paintball sphere told me this performs good and it will shoot 15 balls per sec and not clog. and its acted that good ever sence i got it. so i would get it if you are on a tight budget and need a cyclone or if you just like a good upgrade to your alpha black, carver one, project salvo, etc. SO GET IT” ~Denver

Best Paintball Guns Under $200 for 2014 – 1st Place!

We are now going to wrap up the Best Paintball Guns Under $200 for 2014 with our FIRST PLACE winner coming in as the Tippman A5 Basic – a beautiful marker, might we add.  At a remarkable price of $179, the 2011 Tippman A5 with Selector Switch is considered one of the most popular scenario markers in the industry.  Since its launch in 2002, more than a half-million players have turned to and bought the Tippman A5.

This gun features the patented Cyclone Feed System and has the ability to field strip in less than 60 seconds.  Over time, the Tippman A5 has developed into one of the most tippmann-a5-basiccustomizable paintball markers available with hundreds of upgrades and modifications to choose from.  This newly, redesigned A5 incorporates ten new enhancements all the while maintaining overall aesthetic appearance that paintball players enjoy.

The following are the newly enhanced features that the Tippman A5 Basic incorporates:

  1. New Cyclone Feed System – With an improved paddle design and connection point, it is easier on the paint and reduces the “popcorn” effect some of us experience.  This makes the Cyclone more reliable in all weather conditions.
  2. New External Selector Switch – The new trigger design is awesome!  It allows the player to switch easily from safety to firing mode.  Plus, the new ergonomic design works great for left or right-handed players.
  3. New Larger Front Grip – New longer front grip has a better feel and incorporates a front tang, so, when removed, upgrades are easier to add to the lower portion of the receiver.
  4. New Stock Barrel – Features a 8.5” high-performance design that is stone-honed to enhance accuracy and incorporates new porting to reduce marker noise.
  5. New Redesigned Internal Bore – This helps remove internal components.  The receiver features a wider internal bore design for faster fieldstripping and easier maintenance.
  6. New Lighter Receiver Design – Helps to reduce the overall weight of the marker.
  7. New Tombstone Connections – Marker maintenance is now faster and easier than ever.
  8. New Sling Mounts – Removable front mount makes it easy to add a sling.
  9. New Low-Profile Hopper – Offset design utilized on the X7 offers a clear sightline.
  10. New Black Gasline – Provides greater on-field stealth and features heavy-duty construction.

What’s even better about purchasing this gun from Hustle Paintball is you can receive a $30 mail-in rebate!  How can you get this rebate?  By purchasing the A5 marker, easy as that!  So really, your new marker could be $149 instead of $179!  Great savings!  But this promotion will end January 15th of 2014, so grab your Tippman A5 from us today.  Hurry, because we only have 3 left in stock!tippmann-a5-basic-rebate


Some reviews from a few of our customers:

5/5 Stars

“TippMANnn because you’d be nothing if you weren’t a man J” – Thanks Gage!

5/5 Stars

“Fantastic overall gun.  It has everything you need to be competitive right out of the box.  Not very heavy for what it is and has tons of mods and upgrades available.  I was quite surprised and pleased with the stock barrel as it does quite well…you should give serious consideration to the A-5…spend the extra few dollars, and get this gun that you’ll actually be competitive with.  Plus the gun is built like a dump truck.  Seriously, you could hammer nails with it.”  – Thanks Chris!

Best Paintball Guns Under $200 for 2014 – 3rd Place

As we begin the New Year, Hustle Paintball would like to offer to our readers, some reviews and postings for the top Paintball Guns for 2014 – the markers you just can’t live without.  We will feature our top three picks for each category, unveiling the best guns available to you.  The following categories will be included:

  • Best Paintball Guns Under $200 for 2014
  • Best Paintball Guns Under $400 for 2014
  • Best Paintball Guns Under $600 for 2014
  • Best Beginner Paintball Guns for 2014

So to kick things off, we are featuring our third place winner for Best Paintball Gun Under $200 for 2014 – The Tippman U.S. Army Alpha Black Elite Electronic!

Tippmann is considered one of the world leaders in manufacturing high-performance paintball markers and accessories, offering superior products at super affordable prices.  It is pretty neat to add that Tippmann originally started manufacturing collectible, half-scale replica machine guns, and later dove into the paintball industry in 1986.  The main goal of the company is to provide avid paintball players with affordable, high-performing, durable products that will last.  Not only are they featured in the United States, but Tippmann also runs efforts over in Europe as Tippman Sports Europe.

You will notice on our website that the Tippmann U.S. Army Alpha Black Elite Electronic Paintball Gun, is at an all-time low price of $169, making this a very affordable, high-quality marker to add to your collection.  With this gun, tippmann-us-army-alpha-black-elite Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite Electronic E-Grip Paintball GunTippmann set out to improve on an already amazing marker, only making some simple changes to the elder Alpha Black, making its strong impact on the industry.

Tippmann left the reliability and toughness, while adding new features and functionality making the U.S. Army Alpha Black Elite Electronic package that much more attractive.  The new body features an integrated picatinny rail, giving the player more room for accessories and allows you to add a removable carry handle.


Most of the notable changes are featured on the new front end with the front sight now being a stand-alone piece, not attached to the shroud.  This new Alpha Black Elite is everything you could want out of a marker – reliability, toughness, customizable and just awesome.  Once you go Tippmann you just can’t go back.


Features of the Tippmann U.S. Army Alpha Black Elite Electronic Paintball Gun:

  • 12” High Performance Barrel
  • Easy to Engage Recessed Safety
  • Easy Pull Trigger
  • Heavy Duty Braided Steel Gas Line
  • Easy Access Velocity Adjusting Screw
  • Quick Release Feed Elbow
  • E-Grip offers multiple selectable modes including: semi-auto, 3 shot burst and safety full-auto

Watch our video review on the newly improved U.S. Army Alpha Black Elite.  Dan shows off the upgraded parts, increased capabilities, integrated lower weaver rails, and much more.  He also takes the gun out for a quick demo and efficiency test.

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