State of the Paint! Issues with paintbullets abound.

Well, at least we are getting another blog up and it isn’t taking a month.. or two.

With that said, we here at Hustle Paintball have something to gripe about. Paintballs! As you all know, we are not just a retailer, we are players too. Because of this we are very big activists on only stocking and selling good paint. The problem with this is that it is difficult to find a brand of paint that is consistently reliable. We have been trying all kinds of paint lately and needless to say we just have not had the results that we are looking for. I mean, we have gone through boxes of paint that is “brittle” that does not break worth a crap, and does not shoot straight. We have also gone through a period where an entire skid of paint was rendered pretty much useless because it stained (no, this was not generic brand paint).

The thing is, we are not just looking for one factor. We here like to stock two types of paint – one mid-grade paint at $39.99 with a thick enough shell for un-regulated blowback style markers. As well as one high-grade brittle paint anywhere from $45.00-55.00 depending on the case. You would think this would be simple, but the variables we are looking for just differ so much between brands!

Our faces, when we think of what used to be.

Really, I think the problem stems from the manufacturing. We have had batches of a particular kind of paint that has been absolutely godly. We have then gotten a batch of the same kind at a later time and it is some of the most awful paint we have ever used. All of you guys out there thinking in your head “Do you store it correctly? How old is it?” – We play, we run a store, we’re knowledgeable people about this stuff. The paint on our temperature controlled showroom sits at most 3 weeks before it is sold.

So, the search for paint continues. We just got in a skid from one of our manufacturers that looks quite promising. However, only time will tell if we have found the right paint or if we need to continue looking. What paint has been the most reliable for you guys? Do you seem to have this issue yourselves? What is your personal favorite paint? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Thanks so much for reading! – Trevor