State of the Hustle – 3/14/2012

We have expanded!

No, ┬áseriously. We haven’t written a blog in a little while and we want to let you know what is going on in the world of Hustle. So, since January we have been coming in at 7:00 AM and leaving at 6:30 PM – With four people it is kind of tough to keep up with all the love you guys have been showing us lately (thank you for supporting your favorite retailer!) so we had to hire a new underling. Everyone say hello to Russell.

The Elusive Russell the Muscle.

Until recently Russell was just a member of Team Anomaly that packaged cookies for a living (yum!). When Ethan and I went over to D.C. for the Paintball Extravaganza we left Jay and Jeff all by themselves to handle Mon-Fri. This was smack dab in the middle of February where the four of us were having a hard time trying to keep up, let alone just two. So, we asked Russell if he would be interested in helping out throughout the week, just to help get some of the weight off of the guys. He accepted and then the gauntlet promptly started on Monday.

There was a subtle hope between the crew that Russell would succeed and be an asset to our team even with little to no training, just by having the heart we all do about our jobs. Every day Russell impressed Jeff & Jay with his drive to do well for Hustle, and desire to learn everything he could. Needless to say, after a week through the PBE onslaught Ethan and the Hustle crew felt like we found the guy who could come in, lighten the load, lighten the mood and add to Hustle’s team in a way that improves the experience not just for our team, but for you guys as well.

With Russell on the team, we are now 5. A team of 5 experienced, active paintball players that have the same love of the sport all of you do, and we have the knowledge to help you out to boot. This is a great step forward for Hustle and I’m hoping with our newest addition we can get back on track with all of the projects that we need to finish!

With that said, look forward to these things coming in the next few months.

As always – More videos! Reviews, How-To’s, Random Shenanigans, all things about our channel you have come to know and love (I hope!)

Patches! Physical Military style patches for both Hustle Paintball and pbRIOT that you guys can put on your gear and support us! (you know you want to!)

Shirts! We have found ourselves a great company to make our shirts with; I just need the time to design some shirts for you guys. Look out for a post on the RIOT in the next month or so where you guys get to vote on the shirts we get made!

And finally, I have already mentioned videos, but paintball season has officially started and we are going to be filming more paintball and posting up videos of that as well. Look out for more playing videos this summer!

That is the state of Hustle as of March 2012 – Thanks for reading everyone, you are the reason we do this.