Train with the Navy SEALs

Check this out!  Apparently Omaze and the Navy Seals teamed up to offer one lucky person the opportunity to train with the Navy Seals prior to an epic paintball battle!  Training will include the fundamentals of close quarters combat and sniper assaults – pretty awesome if you ask us!

The winner can pick a friend to go with them to learn exclusively from the Navy Seals on some really neat things, like, training the brain for mental strain during missions and how to hold your breath for two minutes (not sure how this applies to paintball, but…sure!).  They also will undergo a workout routine to beef up their biceps before hitting the field to battle it out.paintball-navy-seals

The best part about all of this is that every entry helps out the Wounded Warrier Project to help veterans recover from combat wounds.  So, there is an entry fee of $10, but hey, it’s for a great cause!

Check it out, who knows, you might get to train with the elite!  Visit the website here and submit your entry before time runs out.

Virtue Paintball VIO Goggle – Build Your Own!

Everyone knows that the Virtue brand is phenomenal and has had amazing success in the paintball world.  Many professional teams have switched over to the Spire 200 or the Spire 260 loaders, simply because you just can’t get much better than Virtue.  With this much success, we are very excited to announce that Virtue has provided us paintball enthusiasts with their newest, most innovative paintball mask known to human kind!

Similar to the Spire200 and Spire260, the Virtue VIO Goggle has the quality and value that all paintball players desire.  This particular mask has the ability to be the ultimate option available on the market or to ever hit the shelves.  With exceptional value and reasonableVirtue Paintball VIO Goggle cost, it is no wonder Virtue is a consumer friendly brand.  We are excited to present to you the Virtue Paintball VIO Goggle!

The Virtue Versatile innovative Optic (VIO) Goggle is the most comfortable paintball mask to ever be designed.  Features include a quick change, fog resistant thermal lens with an innovative versatile design that allows the player to easily change out every aspect of the goggle.  These aspects range from the face mask to the foam, ear pads, goggle strap and lens.  The VIO is equipped with an extra large lens, which provides the player with a wide view of the field and can be removed quickly, thanks to the integrated Hinge Lock.

One of the cool things about the VIO is how lightweight and low profile the design is, which increases the protection for the ears, face and chin.  With removable parts, the VIO is available in thousands of customizable configurations.  Prior to purchasing, the buyer can personalize their VIO, getting only the necessary parts that they need.

Additional Features Include:

  • Improved Visibility and Quick Change Lens – The VIO large thermal lens gives the player the best view of the field, and can be removed and replaced within seconds with the integrated Hinge Lock.
  • Low Profile with Better Protection
  • Breathability, Improved Ventilation and Ease when Talking with other Players
  • Customizable – Personalize your VIO today to express your unique personality.
  • Distortion Free Optical Clarity
  • Scratch-Resistant Coatings
  • Anti-Fog Dual Pane Thermal Lens


And check this out!  Hustle Paintball is offering a pre-order special to anyone who purchases his or her Virtue VIO Goggle early (before December 1st, 2013).  If you pre-order your VIO from Hustle Paintball and register your VIO through Virtue, you will be eligible for a FREE clear VIO lens as well as some really great additional deals on other Virtue add-ons.  We are anticipating that all pre-ordered goggles will be delivered by Christmas time, but it is not absolutely guaranteed, so that is why we are offering the special “Free Lens and Cheap Swag Pre-Order Promotion” as a bonus.  So make sure to turn in your completed claim to get your free lens immediately after purchase!

So check out the brand new Virtue Paintball VIO Goggle and build your own mask today through Hustle Paintball’s online store – click here to access the purchase page, and experience the awesome-ness of the VIO!

The First Paintball Game EVER

Have you ever thought about when paintball first started and who played?  Why they played and how they came up with the concept?  We thought about that too and can offer this to you – a pretty cool story behind the first ever paintball game.

In 1977, Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines of New Hampshire got together over drinks, and came up with a ‘cool’ concept on how to start a type of stalking game, posed as a first-paintball-game-everchallenge to their friends.  Excitement arose as questions came up, “could a successful business man and author be able to survive out in the woods against a soldier or hunter?”  And “is survival in the woods something that comes with instinct or does the environment take care of said outdoorsman?”  So with that, the two friends approached a ski shop owner, Bob Guernsey, and had him write up the first set of rules for their paintball game.

In May of 1981, the three gentlemen decided to forego their paintball game and bought the Nel-spot 007 marker to test it on a human – Charles’ son, who claimed, “it did not hurt!”  The men then decided to advertise the game and it came with a response of 12 players.

June 27, 1981 was game-day; the 12 players geared up and each was armed with a Nel-spot 007 marker.  Half of the players were hunters and the other half was business-men (stock brokers, writers, venture capitalists and surgeons!).  The form of play was “capture the flag” on an 80-acre cross-country ski area filled with over growth-wooded land.  There were 4 flag stations, each with 12 flags of the same color, one for each player.  The stations each had a referee who blew the whistle every 15 minutes.  After battle, Ritchie White was the winner who gathered all of his flags first, and won the first paintball game ever played!

So there you have it, just in case you were wondering – When was the first paintball game to ever be played?

Playing Tight – Tricks for your Paintball Game

playing tight 2

When “playing tight” in paintball, you are essentially attempting to make yourself as small as possible.  To do this, you want to be constantly moving, but keeping your marker, arms legs and body in as close as possible.  Below are some tips and tricks to help you play tight when you are on the field next time.

  • Keep your arms in as close to your body as possible.  Do this during every situation you are put in, even while running across the field.  This includes your elbows.
  • Do some head checking.  This is done by quickly peeking, similar to playing the childhood game “hide and seek”.  You only want to expose your eyes and not your whole face.
  • Keep your marker out of broad daylight when you are shooting at the opposing team.  One of the rules in paintball is when your marker is hit; you are eliminated, so avoid this at all costs.
  • Make yourself be a small target.  Practice this by keeping low to the ground even when you leave a bunker.  Always keep everything in close to your body.
  • Attack close enemies.  Quick shots are a must if the enemy is close by.  The closer you are to the enemy, the more of a larger target you become.  So decide fast and knock them out before they eliminate you.
  • Be unpredictable.  Try not to settle into any habits, like coming out of the same place at a certain speed.  Mix it up so the enemy never knows what to expect from you.  This gives you a longer chance for survival.

Take some of these tips to the field and you will effectively be “playing tight”.  Practice up, and bring your experience to the table.  Instinct is also a great thing to follow while you are playing – always following your gut, but playing smart.playing-tight

Paintball Tank Protection 101


The Ninja Paintball Universal Tank Cover

Your High Pressure Air (HPA) tank can last for years and work great with minimal upkeep.  But, you must keep them protected in order for them to work properly; even a tiny dent can force you to retire your tank.

As you may know, tanks are typically made from two different types of material: metal or carbon fiber.  Metal tanks are known for durability and usually do not need a cover, though it is always wise to be on the safe side.  As for our favorite, carbon fiber tank, you may want to consider some cushion on the outside to protect it from any damage.  A naked carbon fiber tank can easily become scratched during play, or even worse, dented and could make it unsafe to use on the field.  As a precaution, you should never use a tank that has any deep scratches, dents or bare threads.

Since your compressed-air paintball tank is super important for playing and battling it out on the field, you want to protect it with your life – well, kinda.  Since these types of tanks are fragile, they should at least be protected with some sort of padded barrel cover at all times.  The damages made could cause the bonnet to not sit properly and cause pressure loss, or even worse, air leaks.  Using some sort of cover will keep you at ease and you will never have to worry about the scratches, dents and exposing threads.

There are several options out there to protect your tank, take these into consideration:

  • Try out a CP thread saver and then cover the tank with a black sock, a cheaper and semi-efficient protective barrier
  • You could tape the tank to prevent it from slipping
  • Or you could check out a tank cover.  The Ninja Universal Tank Cover is a great product to try out, and you won’t be disappointed you did!

Be sure to check out our website,, to find all of your tank protection needs.  You won’t want to miss out on all the amazing deals and steals we have for your ‘protection needs’.



Your Paintball Checklist

New to the paintball scene?  Don’t worry; we are going to provide you with a pre-paintball game checklist to make sure you know exactly what to bring with you to the field.  You will definitely want to try and take everything you can to a tournament.  The last thing that you will want is to show up without all the essentials.  Print this page and check it off while you pack.

And you may want to bring any of these miscellaneous items, just to cover your bases:

  • Towels for wiping paint or sweat
  • First-Aid Kit – you never know…
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Something to drink
  • Garbage Bags

Pretty sure that just about covers everything.  Make sure to check out our website where you can find all of your paintball gear, supplies and equipment needs; all in one place – Oh, and don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel where you will find all of the latest happenings, videos and excitement from the Hustle Paintball team.

Paintball Safety

Yes, it is true!  Paintball is now the 4th most popular Extreme Sport in the world.  This is not because it is one of the most fun and exhilarating sports around, but it is also extremely safe to play.  “But how can people running around, shooting at each other with paintballs travelling 205 miles per hour be a safe thing to do”, you might be asking?  Well, we will explain all of this to you.

According to the American Sports Data, Inc. (ASDI), Paintball is on the bottom of the list paintball-safetywhen it comes to the number of injuries compared to other Extreme Sports.  Boxing came in at the top with 5.2 injuries per one thousand participants, Racquetball came in at 1.5, and Paintball pulled up the rear at 0.2 following after Running at 0.6.  One of the major reasons why Paintball is so safe is because there are set rules that insure the players’ safety during playing time.  These rules are set by Paintball Insurance Companies and strictly enforce them at the fields.  Thanks to the American Paintball League and the National Paintball Association, players around the nation are protected and safe from harm!

Rules and regulations apply to many aspects of game play and equipment.  Two of the most important rules at all parks are to keep the face mask on during playing time on the field and your barrel cover and safety must be on outside of the field.  Your safety is the priority to everyone – the insurance companies, the referees, and (well, sometimes) the players and the opposite team.

Other rules include:

The Velocity of Paintballs – how fast the paintball is traveling in feet per second.  The typical range of velocity is about 270 to 290 fps, which this of course depends on the field and who the referee might be.  Getting your velocity checked prior to walking on the field is a great thing to do.  Obviously you don’t want to be removed from the game if your shooting is faster than legal limits.  So, have the ref check your marker and avoid the painful and embarrassing call to leave the game.

No Firing in the Dead Zone!  Yea, if you do this you are done-zo.  All fields have what is called a “Dead/Safe Zone” where players meet to hear all the rules, divide into teams and prepare for play.  It is highly against the rules to fire your marker if you are in this area.  Goggles are not enforced in the Dead Zone, so it is definitely a no-no to shoot around for fun here.

Check Your Air Tank Dates – All tanks have dates on them that expire at some point.  Get your tank tested and approved prior to game day to ensure safety for you and others.  Plus you want to get it filled again at some point, right?

By following these rules, and other rules mentioned on the field by refs or others, you will ensure ultimate safety for yourself.  You can even check out some safety gear that can be worn if you are a still a little weary of it, but to be honest, there is no need to fear.  Check out some elbow pads, gloves, kneepads and neck protectors just to add a little bit more protection.



Resurrection Autococker Giveaway!!! Sept. 25-Oct. 15

You guessed it, Hustle Paintball is at it again.  We are doing something that NO OTHER ONLINE STORE DOES!  We love giving back to the community, and what better way than with offering one of our favorite markers.  It is free to enter and really easy!

The contest will run from September 25th to October 15th with only ONE winner.  And that winner gets to choose between either a grey or black marker.

To enter, log onto our Facebook and click on the link to go to the widget to enter.  You have 5 chances to enter your name into the drawing.  To be considered we have two mandatory actions you must take:

  1. You MUST like us on Facebook
  2. And you MUST subscribe to our YouTube channel

For Bonus entries, there are 3 actions you can take:

  1. Retweet us on Twitter
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  3. Share the giveaway post on your Facebook

Yep, get hyped!  We are giving away the Kick-ASS Empire Resurrection Autococker!  You can watch the review on our YouTube channel below:

Log on Facebook and get to posting, liking, retweeting and such.  May the odds be with you!

The season of “new” stuff is here!

Time is fast approaching the year of 2013 – and with it comes next years designs of cool and new stuff! Personally I have a bit of a gripe, and I have a question for you all.

Now, instead of a Lime Tiger i4 I can get a Lime Atlas one! Admittedly, Dye’s patterns this year look a helluva lot better than last year. Seriously, the mottos plastered all over the gear was lame. Honestly though, do any of you get excited about the “new” stuff every year?

Clearly, releasing the same product with slight to no changes has been working for someone.

Clearly there are some differences between the C12 and C13 soft goods but nothing big that is going to actually change perception on the quality of goods or if you should buy them.

This issue even goes beyond the soft goods. The Ego no longer has a number associated with it because Planet Eclipse made a smart move of letting us all know they have nothing they can/want to change on the platform. Unfortunately for most other markers, they are treated just like the soft goods. Milling changes, colors change, the box design changes; but in reality nothing really changes.

Look at the DM12 compared to the DM13 – Aside from the trigger and some milling absolutely nothing changed. NOTHING. Does it bother you at all? I know it does for me. I get WAY MORE excited when there is a brand new product (I.E. DAM) that is announced. I like new, I like different, I like out of the ordinary.

I don’t know about you, but I care about the 2013 version of all of this stuff about as much as I care about the upcoming 2014 Toyota Camry.

Can you spot the differences?

See what I did there? I actually don’t. I feel like in a way, some manufacturers are just complacent with changing some colors and rolling out “new” gear every year and I just don’t like it.

There is of course a flip side to this argument that if nothing “changed” in the industry year by year, if things were not created for you to purchase because they are just ever so slightly different than the rendition that came before it — would you get bored?

Personally I wouldn’t  – but then again I am not a gun/gear whore of any kind. I have three pairs of pants I have gotten through seasons of sponsorship, and I am happy with those pants until they fall apart. I don’t need to run out and get the new Slash Blue Redemption pants because that pattern is calling to me like my one true love.

The difference for me between this, and when the E-Flex came out last year is absolutely huge. My mind was so blown I thought about getting arrested for knocking Simon the ‘eff out and running off into the sunset with my stolen E-flexes never to be seen again.

That is the thing though, the E-Flex is a mash-up of two currently existing masks that was something absolutely brand new and different. It did not make the Proflex a waste of money, or the E-Vent even more of a waste of money, because it was always awful. The E-Flex came into the fold as an instant contender that did not directly compete with the other two masks it was related to. It was an extremely smart decision and I am still excited that the mask released in the first place.

I am looking forward to seeing what new and different things come in the years to come, I am not excited about if I will be able to get C14 Pink Hack pants or whatever they decide to make their patterns next year.

My question to you is, do you get excited at all? Is my opinion off base from the rest of the ballers out there? Will you go out and buy a jersey just because it is the next years version? Do you appreciate the fact that the jersey you own currently is no longer on the market and no one else can get it now that the year has passed?

Really, as a consumer the only true advantage I see is that as soon as the new stuff comes out, the old stuff goes on sale because it is no longer under the MAP umbrella. The whole thing just frustrates me.

– Trevor


We work in an environment when you have to care about what you do more than the compensation you are getting. It is just a reality of this business and what we are trying to achieve.

Like any business, good people are hard to find – but because of the nature of this job and what it must mean for the employees for them to truly succeed and feel accomplished; good people are even harder to find. We do not have the time, resources or patience to have a revolving door for employees. Where some places are able to have a high-turnover rate and it just doesn’t matter, for us it would be like shooting ourselves in the foot with a cannon.

I kid you not, back in August 2009 when I was hired, there were two other employees on the team (aside from Ethan). Within a month, just myself and Ethan were left. He had cleaned house and was no longer interested in those who don’t have any drive to learn, and work hard for something bigger than themselves. Don’t get me wrong, Ethan is not a slave driver, he is just a realist with no room for bullshit.


Even so, it’s tough to find good people – I have seen 14 people come in and out of these doors since then. For a company that was 2 people in the back-half of 2009 and is currently 5 people in 2012 – That is a pretty awful turnover rate. Especially considering that other than myself, the only person who has been here for 2 years or more is Jeff. Jay just passed his one year mark, and Russell is going to be hitting his one-year around February.

I bring this up, because we are hiring two new people and have decided to move on from actively trying to find them. Honestly, with our pay grade and work style, more often than not we attract younger people. Not to say this is bad, I am 23 and was hired at 19 – but in general someone who is younger works purely for the paycheck and does not have the maturity or drive to do or be more than a 9-5-time-filling-paycheck-collection-employee.

Our most recent Employees were friends first and then became a part of the company because they had been around us, watching what we are working for and wanting to be a part of that. They WANT to be a part of Hustle Paintball and our mission to take the paintball world by storm with our knowledge and helpfulness. Seriously, Jay and Russell were Team Anomaly members first, and then became Hustle Paintball employees. We are so happy to have trusted and taken the plunge into hiring them, because we would not have had the video and creativity surge we have had lately were it not for them.

It is because of Jay & Russell’s success that another Anomaly Team member will become a part of the company, our good friend and brother in arms, Erik Cromer.

Erik "Chrome Dome" Cromer

Dat look.

Erik has been on the team for a little over a year now but he has been a friend for much longer than that. We are excited to have someone like Erik joining the team. Not only does he care about us as friends, but he cares about the company and our mission. Coming up shortly he will be answering phones and emails just like the rest of us, so look out! Welcome him to the company if you interact with him at all :) .

Now, we do not just hire directly from the team.. even though the last three have been and still are team members. We just changed our outlook and went searching for those who we KNOW that we can trust, that have expressed a care and love for this company and what we are meaning to accomplish. The second employee we are hiring will not be starting until February or March, but those of you who read this blog regularly will know of him.

Jason was originally a customer who just showed up in our showroom one day because he wanted to purchase a paintball marker and some gear. However, he did not know much about the sport and had heard about how we like to educate our customers and allow them to make their own purchasing decisions. (Contrary to experiences he had with other places who prey on lack of knowledge and just shovel expensive products your direction, pressuring you into buying them.)

Jason liked the way we treated him and his familiy so much when he came in here that he decided he wanted to volunteer in his free time, just to help us out.

The all powerful Jason Haghiri

Jason does not normally look this cool.

Fast forward to today and Jason has become a close friend of ours who we miss when he is not around. So we are extremely excited to be able to have him be a part of our team after the new year.

Really, all of you should be excited as well. With this post you can know that Hustle is expanding, and thanks to you. However we are expanding the in correct way, we are making sure that as this company grows it does not lose its mission or its soul. Our customer service is only going to get better, our video channel is only going to get better. Honestly, thanks to all of the support you guys have given us – we are able to focus on making everything better for all of you.

Thank you for watching our channel. Thank you for buying paintball gear you need at Thank you for reading these blogs. Thank you for posting on! Thank you for being a part of us, trust me, not a single one of us goes to sleep without knowing and feeling that we would not be where we are, where we are headed without all of you.

Thank you for making this expansion possible.