How To Belly Crawl

In the sport of paintball, you will find yourself moving and playing in many different positions on the field.  One of the most widely used moves is the “belly crawl” or “army crawl”.  Belly crawling is where you are on your stomach crawling across the playing field, or some sort of area, in hopes of not being seen.  But you will need to master this type of movement simply because if you are slow or not good at belly crawling, then you more than likely will be found and shot at – a bad thing, obviously!  So, in this article, we would like to give you some tips on how to properly belly crawl during a paintball game.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice! – The only way you are going to get good at army or belly crawling is to practice it on your own or with your teammates.  The objective is to get fast at it so you are better able to avoid bad situations.  You might be thinking, “why do I need to practice how to crawl?  I already know how to do that.”  Well, the reason why you should practice is normal everyday crawling doesn’t consist of carrying a paintball gun, gear, and heavy clothing.  To be the best belly crawler, we advise you to purchase some knee and elbow pads, and use your feet to push off from the ground (so a good pair of shoes is a good idea too).  As you practice, you will find that you will be much quicker overtime.  Here is a good representation of how to properly do the army crawl (a non-affiliated YouTube video…)

  • Always Keep Your Head DOWN – Keeping yourself safe is the number one object, and…well…not getting shot at.  The reason why you want to crawl on your stomach is to keep from being seen by the opposing team.  One of the big mistakes that many new paintball players make is that they raise their head while crawling.  You always want to keep your head DOWN to avoid being spotted.  Not only does this help to keep you safe, it also aids in how quickly you will be able to move.
  • Practice Getting Up From A Crawling Position – Being able to quickly move from a crawling position to a standing position is very useful when you are in a shoot-out.  The idea is to get up from your crawling position with your gun leading the way, ready to run.  If you practice this consistently, you will find that getting up from the ground is much easier than you think.


How To Avoid Tunnel Vision in Paintball

Many new, and even experienced, paintball players are susceptible to getting tunnel vision more often than not.  Tunnel vision is the loss, or lack, of peripheral vision around you.  Here is a scenario for you to consider:

You are on the field scoping out the surrounding playing area, when all of a sudden you Team Anomaly Front Player become a part of a shoot out with a guy across the field hiding in a bunker.  Your main focus is on the opposing player – you are gunning for him, paying complete and total attention on this one incidence.  You are getting SO close!  You can just see the paintballs flying at the guy, smashing into his vest.  But meanwhile, to the side of you, all the action is going on…but you just aren’t paying it any attention.  TUNNEL VISION! 

Tunnel vision is a typical “disorder” with paintball players, particularly those that are new to the game.  The only way to break free from this is to be completely and 100% aware of what is going on around you.  If you ever find yourself becoming so focused on one player and are kind of “lost in the moment”, stop yourself and take a look around.  There are other players, other dangers and others to shoot at other than the guy in the bunker.

If you are unable to stop shooting at the guy across the field, then be sure to yell over to your other teammates and ask them what is going on over on their side of the playing field.  This will help to keep you aware and alert while you play.

To help you practice to avoid tunnel vision, consider doing the following prior to a game:

Set up a few bottles (3 or 4) to hang from various trees around your practice area.  Space them out so that they are at either side of the field and require you to turn your head to look or shoot at them.  Begin by turning your back to the bottles and then turn around and take 3 shots at each target (the bottles).  The concept is to train your brain to think in multiple and varying angles.  It does not matter if you hit or miss the bottles, just be sure to pay attention to all of the targets. 179841_10150094372848173_510283172_6455475_1813472_n

Do not look at one target constantly; make your moves quick and efficient.  Once you have fired at one target three times, move to the next.  Do not stop at any time just continue shooting.

Another variation to this practice is to turn around and “take a knee” while you shoot, or go all the way down to the ground.  This will help you to practice from different styles of shooting and positions.  This is not an easy drill, but it helps you to stay focused and to learn how to look at different angles.

Keep up the good work and learn this big skill of the paintball game.  Being aware of the activity around you will help to avoid tunnel vision, and the danger of being shot at by other opposing players.

How do you avoid tunnel vision?  Do you have any specific drills you and your team does before hitting the field?  Leave your comments for us and show us insight into your drill practices.

How To Get The Most Money From Selling Used Paintball Gear

If you’ve played paintball for more than 5 to 10 minutes, then you know that there is a huge market for used gear – to get the most money out of your paintball gun, mask, tank or other gear when you sell it online, follow these simple tips for success!

Tips featured in this video:

  1. Sell and Trade a CLEAN gun – Like Russell says, don’t be that guy who ships off and trades a nasty gun.  It is really disappointing and not cool.  It only takes 5 to 20 minutes to clean your marker.
  2. Throw a Gun Cleaning Party!  Gather your friends, helps time go by and you have a blast.
  3. Maintain Your Gun – If your marker requires some new o-rings or needs some simple maintenance, just do it!  Plus, if you keep and maintain your gun well then it will sell well.
  4. Take Solid Photos
    1. Lighting is Important!  Don’t go outside when it is dark.  Go out when the sun is up and bright, like at lunch time.  Simply just brighten it up; the bathroom is a good bright place to go for taking pictures of your marker.
    2. Get Photos in Focus – By uploading focused photos, you are better able to feature your marker, the logo, the brand and how well maintained it is.
    3. Take a Variety of Photos – Take 20!  Or 50!  That way you have some really awesome photos to upload and share.
    4. Show Everything in the photos you take.  If you have extra parts, show it off.  Let the buyer know what they are getting and how it looks.
  5. Image Hosting and Thread Etiquette – After you have chosen a good hosting website for your images, upload them to your site of choice.  You can sell your paintball gear ANYWHERE!  Some websites for example might include,,, ebay, etc.  Post your pictures and include a really great description.  You also want to make it simple and to the point.  Pick keywords to underline and bold, include bullets and make it look professional.
  6. Make a Clear and Simple Title for your Item – Avoid using long titles, encrypted titles or just crazy long sentences as your product title.  Instead, just make it simple and clear what the product is.  Leave all the extras for the details.

Hopefully this helped you out as you pursue selling your paintball gear.  Be mature, act like an adult and you will be well on your way buying and selling your stuff extremely fast.  If people like you they may even pay MORE for what you are selling!  Do it right.  Leave us some comments about how you have sold your paintball gear in the past.  How did you do it?  What websites did you use and what were your selling techniques?

How to make your Rotor Lid into a Rain Lid for your paintball hopper

If you’ve got a speedfeed, feedgate or quickfeed on your Dye Rotor, chances are, you’ve had to deal with the possibility of rain, dirt, dust or mud getting into your loader. Not so now! Simply mod your lid and you’ll have a slick, easily removable rain lid that doesn’t interfere with your existing speedfeed! It’s very quick to pop on and off in the event of rain or inclement weather!

Check out this Dye Rotor Loader:

This particular Dye Rotor is in a class of its own.  It is of the most radical innovation known to paintball loader technology, with mind blowing feed rates and reliability.  After reading this, you will be able to see why the Rotor is the number one choice for loader technology among top level players all over the world!

It’s Low Profile Design

The Rotor is probably one of the lightest 200-round loaders out there.  The technology in dye-precision-loaderthis thing allows for it to push balls straight down over a short distance.  This in turn, allows for a small loader size and shape and an extremely low profile!

“Tuff Molding”

Dye created this loader with what they call Tuff Molding.  When they tested the Rotor, they found that if it was built with the Tuff Molding, it could withstand a drop from a three-story building!  CRAZY!  It also has a water resistant coat.

The Constant Feed

This feature makes sure that the feed rate is over 50 balls per second – which is way past the pro level requirements.  The result is a smooth, consistent, rapid and dependable feed performance.

Rapid Reload

The Rapid Reload makes the reloading process super quick and easy.  There is a transparent locking lid, which allows for fast loading and a secure close.  With it being able to hold up to 200 balls, this is a 20% increase than that of other loaders.  Needless to say, this thing is awesome!

Toolless Maintenance

You read right – Tool-less Maintenance!  Meaning, the Rotor is easy to assemble and disassemble.  All you do is slide the locking tab and push a button and there you have it, basic cleaning and easy maintenance.

Other features include:

  • Sharkfin Jam Release Trigger!
  • BlackOps
  • And Adjustable Torque!

How to Un-Install/Remove a Response Trigger from your Tippmann Paintball Gun

This how-to video shows how to uninstall or remove your Response Trigger Kit from your Tippmann paintball gun – whether it’s a Project Salvo, Tippmann 98, A5, or X7 – we walk you through the process and give you some helpful tips along the way.

The Tippmann Project Salvo AR-15 Paintball Gun

Tippmann Project Salvo AR-15 Paintball Marker

Tippmann has once again produced a paintball gun meant for the diehard scenario players. The Tippmann Project Salvo paintball marker is part of the military armament paintball replicas. Using the shape and style of the AR-15, Tippmann used their expertise in producing durable and reliable markers to produce the Project Salvo.

The Project Salvo paintball gun has a number of features that will appeal to the scenario player. For example, the collapsible folding stock allows a player to choose the feel and look that they desire. The maker has four picatinny rails allowing you to upgraded and create the paintball gun you have always wanted. You can also upgrade this marker with an e-grip, custom response trigger, cyclone feeder and flat line barrel systems. When it comes to upgrading this marker you are pretty much only limited by your imagination.

There is at least one more reason why you need to add this paintball marker to your arsenal. Paintball players love it. This maker has great customer feedback. Players love that they can easily upgrade the parts. They rave over how easy it is to maintain. And they can’t seem to say enough nice things about the durability. When you are looking for a marker, you can’t go wrong by choosing the same marker that thousands of ecstatic customers have.

Tippmann Response Trigger (RT) Kit – X7

Tippmann X7 Response Trigger Kit Paintball Gun PartsThe reactive trigger kit uses gas from each cycle to push the trigger back forward against your finger. While it’s just about impossible to explain, you can attain a sweetspot in seconds (you’ll understand as soon as you pick up the gun), supercharging your Tippmann’s rate of fire to 15 balls per second or more! A simple, well-detailed installation is all that’s necessary, no batteries needed, and you’re good to go.

The Hustle Reload #41 – Ants vs humans vs zombies vs NEW ANOMALY EDITION LV1s!!!!!!

In this Hustle Reload we follow Dash and Chris into Hustle Paintball’s backyard to shoot some bottles.  Also, Erik reminds us that the Anomaly (CUSTOM 1 OF 12) LV1s are already going away really quick!  There are only 6 left!  Go on our website and get yours – HURRY!

Some gear you need to complete your Team Anomaly Edition LV1:

First, you obviously need the Planet Eclipse 2013 Ego LV1 Paintball Gun – the Anomaly


Planet Eclipse 2013 Ego LV1 Paintball Marker – Anomaly Edition

Edition.  The design process of this gun was long and intensive, but the final product is something that all of us are very proud of.  We started out with only 12 of these and are now down to 6, so hurry and get yours before we run out!

Every aspect of the Ego LV1 has been reshaped and redesigned to create the ultimate expression of Eclipse passion, performance and quality.  The Ego LV1 utilizes technology never before seen in a paintball marker to transform the way it shoots and feels.

Internally, the Ego LV1 introduces a revolutionary design that rewrites what can be achieved with this type of platform.  The new system incorporates a profiled lever between the rammer and the exhaust valve that is used to separate the action of the rammer and bolt from the action of the valve.  This additional element in the mechanism has several major benefits over the conventional knock-open system, particularly in respect to the force required to open the valve and the rate at which the valve is opened.  This indirect operation of the valve means it can be opened more slowly, with considerably less force, yet retain excellent seal integrity.

Although this is only a small part of the newly designed Ego LV1, there are many more improvements throughout the entire market, from front to back, inside and out.  For example, the valve itself is a completely new design that offers far superior flow paths through the entire valve chamber.  Also, the new LPR is fully integrated into the body of the marker so that it no longer protrudes beneath the barrel.  Another really cool feature is that the AT Pip system removes the need for macroline hose and fittings from the POPS to the inline regulator.  There are just so many awesome new additions, we can’t even go into full detail, so you have got to check them out for yourselves on our website!

Next, you have to get yourself a Ninja Paintball 68 cu 4500 psi Dura Carbon Fiber HPA Tank, the set is not complete without it.  Some of the feature that come with this team-anomaly-custom-paintball-tankcustomized Anomaly Tank include:

  • 1100-1200 shots per fill
  • Every regulator is hand crafted and factory tested
  • New regulator design has TWO top o-rings to reduce the chance of leaks during a critical game
  • Super low response curve 0-50 psi from full to empty
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.
  • SRT Piston – Sonic Recharge Technology – Plated aluminum piston that produces an industry leading recharge rate and virtually eliminates reg shoot down
  • MFV – Mini Fill Valve – The low profile design fill valve won’t dig into your wrist
  • SPA – Shim Pressure Adjustment – Easily change output pressure by adding or removing shims, not springs or pistons
  • Completely rebuildable by the user
  • Carbon fiber bottle – Lightweight and strong
  • D.O.T. and TC approved – Use in Canada or USA
  • 5 year hydro!
  • Ultra lightweight
  • This tank has a 1 year warranty through Ninja Paintball
  • Meets or exceeds all DOT, CGA and ASTM specifications


And lastly, we suggest that you also get yourself a Dye Precision Loader Rotor Bomber, but hurry!  There are only 2 left in the Lime, you want to match the Anomaly colors, don’t you?


This Dye Rotor is the most radical innovation in paintball loader technology fusing simplicity with mind blowing feed rates and reliability.  It is easy to see why the rotor has become the number one choice in loader technology among top level player’s in the world.

The Rotor ™ is the most energy-efficient loader in the sport of paintball, boasting a battery life of over 80,000+ ball shot count with only 3 AA batteries!  The Rotor™ features a positive push button with a bright LED display informing you of when your hopper is powered on or off.  The Dye Rotor system has a variety of upgrades such as color kits, quick feeds and high capacity tops.

Smoke Grenades You Should Not Miss Out On

We had such a good time at Paintball Explosion, almost too much fun!  The fire department got called on us.  But needless to say, the grenade throwing and paintball dominating was completely worth it.

Enola Gaye has delivered some awesome smoke grenades that you just do not and should not miss out on.  The Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades (EG-18, Burst & Standard) are beyond fun, beyond colorful and beyond mind blowing.  We love these things!


Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades

These new wire pull smoke grenades are here and after our heavy test day, we have nothing but good news to offer you about Enola Gaye.  These emit a brightly colored and super thick smoke while the pull ring works every time without fail.  A new design means you can still get a high volume of smoke from a sleek and lightweight package.

After testing, we have this side note to you – Be sure to pull the wire ring pull tab OUT from the side of the grenade, rather than UP.  If you pull the tab up, it can disarm the grenade, as that is a safety feature built into the grenade.

At Hustle Paintball, we offer you a really great deal – Buy 10, Get 1 Free!  Or you can enola-gaye-smoke-grenadepurchase the grenades separately, just click here.  These prices you just can’t beat.  These smoke grenades come in some really great colors including blue, green, orange, purple, red, white and yellow.  In the YouTube clips we feature all of the colors so you can have a sneak peek into what you are getting.


ANNNNND this one…


The Hustle Reload #15 – Some Troll-age and Proflex Love

Jason has been tracking his Vamped GE03, it came in and he has NO IDEA!  So, what happens when you buy a new toy and you work at Hustle Paintball?  Ethan will steal it, lie about its delivery, where it is at the warehouse, run around aimlessly and hide it…yea, you get the picture – TROLLED!  You would think by now that co-workers would catch on after a while, but guess not.

After indulging in our fun, fast-forward to 8:15 and Cromer gives you some insight into one of the latest questions we have been getting lately – how to double-strap your mask and how to replace the strap on your Proflex!

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!  Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook.

How Fast Should My Hopper Be?

With the wide variety of hoppers available on the market today, it is hard to determine which ones will meet the desired speeds and abilities.  In this video, Ethan breaks it down for you to figure out what range of hopper you need.  Once you determine your “bps” you will be able to start checking into specific hopper brands and styles that suit your needs.

And, as always, check out our website at for all of your paintball product needs (at affordable prices, might we add!), “Like” us on Facebook, Retweet us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Red Dot Sights, Flashlights and Lasers, OH MY!

Imagine this – You are in a dark building, playing in one of those cool all-night scenario games when you flip on your flashlight to see around you.  Guess what!  You become a big beacon of hope for other people to shoot at…in this clip, Ethan gives you the information you need to overcome this obstacle.

There is a good amount of tactical accessories available to you out there, but which ones are the best, and which do you need?  In this video, Ethan quickly talks about the differences and benefits of Flashlights, Red Dot Sights and Projection Beam Lasers to help you make your decision.

Check us out at