Hustle Paintball And Nighthawk Brewery Are Working On A Paintball Board/Table-Top Game!


Adam Stout, commonly referred to as ‘Ministry of Fun’ and the ‘Commissioner of Refreshments’ over at Nighthawk Brewery laid down the 411 today on a new side project between a few of the guys at Hustle Paintball and Nighthawk Brewery. Erik, Jay, and Adam are attempting to blend their love of paintball with their love of board and table-top games to recreate the strategy and frenzy of paintball in a table-top format.

Insane? It’s debatable. Find out the details of this new, interesting table-top experience after the jump.

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Paintball Hand Signals

Hand signals in paintball are a very effective way of communicating with your fellow fistteammates.  In yesterday’s article, we discussed the three different modes of communication on the field, and today we want to cover hand signals a bit more.  Typically, hand signals used on the paintball field are similar, basic motions that are used by the military.  The key to using hand signals is making sure that everyone on your team knows what they are and when these signals could be used.

How To Effectively Incorporate Hand Signals in Paintball 

As mentioned above, one of the big keys to incorporating hand signals is to make sure that your entire team knows what they mean; otherwise your hand signals are useless.  It would be a good idea to get your teammates together before a tournament or game and give a “crash course” on the hand signals that will be used.  The more aware and educated your teammates are, the better they will perform on the field – keep that in mind!

There are several important hand signals that you may want to use.  The following is a list crouchand some suggestions for how to teach and use them.

  • “Move (direction) way” – With this hand signal, your main objective is to offer directions to all of your teammates, or just one.  Sometimes it may be necessary to move out danger or to work towards a certain part of the field.  To do this, you will hold out your pointer and middle fingers together on one hand and point in the direction that you want them to go.
  • “STOP!” – This signal is important, as are all of the others, but this signal asks your teammates to stop where they are and crouch down and aim in different directions.  The actual hand signal is simple; hold one hand up in the air with the hand open.  The reason why you will want all teammates to crouch and aim in different directions is because they all are on alert and ready to take on the enemy.  So needless to say, the “STOP!” hand signal is more than just a halt, make sure that your fellow teammates understand this and practice this hand signal regularly.
  • “Move to cover” – When you see or sense danger ahead, hold up a fist and your team will know to take cover.  This means that they should all crouch, lay down, or crawl to a safe location where they will be out of sight should the opposing team appear.
  • “I see…” – This hand signal means that you have actually spotted someone (an enemy) and that you are making your teammates aware of this.  Simply put your pointer and middle fingers to your eyes and point them towards the location of the enemy.


Final Thoughts 

Using hand signals on the field is a great way to communicate silently and quickly.  You can make up your own signals if you would like, or utilize some of the signals mentioned above.  Remember, all of your teammates will need to know and understand what each hand signal means and when they will be used on the playing field.  Begin by practicing and simulating an instance when you might need to use each hand signal with your team.  This will better equip them with the knowledge they need to move and act effectively on the field.

What hand signals do you use?  And how do you equip your teammates to know and understand them before a tournament or game?  Share below.

How to Install a Tippmann Cyclone Feed Upgrade Kit

The Tippmann Cyclone Feed System Upgrade Kit is one of the most popular aftermarket upgrades for your Tippmann 98 series, US Army Alpha Black or Bravo One, or Project Salvo paintball gun. It’s a very simply, easy install, but can be intimidating to some people, so we walk you through the process of installing the CFS kit.

The Tippmann 98 GTA Cyclone Feed Upgrade Paintball Gun Parts

Now you can give your 98 or 98 custom marker the same advantages as the A-5! And tippmann 98 gta cyclone feed upgrade paintball gun partsNOW, they will fit the all-new US Army Alpha Black and Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Markers!


  • Links the feeder sprocket to the air system
  • Synchronized ball feed for reduced breakage and jamming
  • The faster you shoot, the faster you feed!
  • Feeds up to 15 balls per second
  • Includes wide mouthed 200 round low profile hopper (the same as the one that comes with the 2011 A5 & X7
  • Attaches via quick release elbow
  • May require a different power tube: Please call if you have any questions
  • Fits all Tippmann Model 98, 98 Custom, and Custom Pro markers, as well as US Army Alpha Black, Alpha Black Tactical, Bravo One, and Project Salvo Markers!

Some reviews we have received about the Tippmann 98 GTA Cyclone Feed Upgrade:

“This is definitely worth the money. I purchased this for my Alpha Black and I can definitely tell the difference in the performance.” ~Kim

“Works great easy install, if you own a 98 custom buy this” ~Donavon

“This product realy help me and my gun perform better. i have the tippmann alpha black with an e grip and i needed a cyclone for cheap and the man at paintball sphere told me this performs good and it will shoot 15 balls per sec and not clog. and its acted that good ever sence i got it. so i would get it if you are on a tight budget and need a cyclone or if you just like a good upgrade to your alpha black, carver one, project salvo, etc. SO GET IT” ~Denver

Paintball Knee Pads: Dye Precision 2011

These pads are the best of the best – super comfortable and very well padded – no matter how hard you play, these knee pads will be able to keep up with you!

The Dye Precision Core Knee Pads were designed for the most aggressive player who is willing to risk it all for the love of the game. If you want to make the game winning move without having to worry about your knees, then these are a must. From the abrasion-resistant outer skin, to the energy rebounding metal inserts, Dye Core Knee Pads will give you a sense of protection like no other. Knees are important, so don’t take a chance. Dye Precision Core Knee Pad


  • Abrasion-resistant outer-skin
  • Energy rebounding metal inserts
  • 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches worth of padding
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Good protection without having to cover a large amount of the leg and shins

What are your thoughts on paintball knee pads?  Are they a necessity in your paintball gear bag?  Do you always wear them?  Just…what do you think?  Share your thoughts below…

What To Wear For Paintball

Wearing the right gear while playing paintball is essential, simply because it acts as a protective layer and is just part of being a true paintball player.  And to add to that, paint is pretty harsh on clothing so you want to make sure you are wearing either really old clothes or clothing designed for paintball specifically.

Some Clothing Recommendations

You will want to dress in layers.  By dressing in layers, you are reducing the impact that the paint shot at you has on your body.  So the layers act as a protective barrier for you.  Also, if it is extremely hot out, you obviously don’t want to pile on the heavy clothing, so what do you do then?  Just be smart and wear clothing that is both protective and can withstand paintballs being shot at it.

Some recommendations:

  • A Pair of Jeans or Paintball Pants – Wearing a good solid pair of pants is critical for Dye Precision Tactical Pant 2.0protecting your legs and backside. Durability, something with pockets and the ability to include some knee pads are some good key points to keep in mind.  Take for example the Dye Precision Tactical Pant 2.0.  These paintball pants were strategically made with you paintballers in mind.  They feature 45 degree pockets for easy access, stretch so you can wear knee pads.  Another great feature is that they are bombproof!  The material and stitching was strategically made so you can slide, dive and roll with confidence.  Check out some other really great paintball pants at Hustle Paintball by following this link here.
  • A T-Shirt or Two – Like we said above, you really want to focus on layering to help protect your body from paintball impact.  So layering with some t-shirts, either short HK Army Tshirtor long sleeve is the way to go.  We have a huge selection of paintball brand t-shirts that you can check out.  The brands we have include HK Army, Propper, Hustle Paintball, TechT Paintball, Tippmann, Valken and Violent Series.  Check them out!
  • Heavier Items Depending On The Weather – If it is cold out, you are definitely going to want something heavier on like a hoodie or paintball jacket.  These are great to keep in your body heat and also add some extra padding, giving you even PROPPER Foul Weather Gore-tex Parkamore protection.  We have a few really awesome hoodies on our website, and a pretty wide selection when it comes to the paintball jackets.  One of our best jackets/parkas that we have in stock includes the PROPPER Foul Weather Gore-tex Parka II, it comes in all sizes ranging from a 2X Extra Long all the way down to an extra small.  The features that are packed into this one parka are amazing!  It is made of 100% nylon, is waterproof, windproof and totally breathable fabric.  And not to mention, it is contamination-resistant!  How cool is that?!  What we love the most about this parka is that it is made in the USA and will never shrink or fade.  You just can’t beat it!
  • Additional Protective Gear – This includes gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and even protective head gear.  The more padding you have on, the less the risk of having a huge bruise or welt from getting shot at.
  • Shoes – You are obviously going to need a really good pair of paintball shoes to run in, with some good treading.  The Exalt TRX cleat is a great option because it beats out any other cleats used in any other sport!  They improve your game, offer you high-performance and are very lightweight.  Use them during woodsball, scenario, recreational, tournament and even big games!  These cleats feature 7 Spike Exalt TRX Cleatlocations in the forefoot of the out sole; 3 Spike locations at the heel of the out sole; and flexible out sole design, which allows for better traction especially when you are crawling on the ground.

So, there you have it – the paintball clothing you will need to play and be comfortable out on the field.  Do you have any special clothing or items that you wear while playing?  If so, leave us a comment describing what you wear during tournaments, out playing woodsball or at big games.

Playing The Snake in Paintball

Do you need some basic understanding of what playing snake means and how to go about it?  If so, then this article is for you.  Basically, “The Snake” is a unique bunker on the paintball field that requires you to understand how to play it and how to utilize it correctly.  In this article, we will go into some detail regarding the snake and what it is all about…Enjoy!

Find The Snake

snakeOne of the most important parts of playing the snake is knowing where it is in relation to other parts and bunkers of the field.  So what you will want to do is walk the field and figure out the layout before the tournament or play begins.  Some of the things you will want to figure out about the snake before you start playing include the following:

  • What angles and shots are associated with the snake?
  • Where should you pop up from in relation to the snake?
  • Where should your gun point to shoot around the snake?
  • Look for blindshots – these are shots from the bunker that basically block you out, kind of like a car having a blindspot; a blindshot is a great skill when it comes to paintball because you are able to shoot at your opponent without seeing him or her from the snake.

How To Play The Snake

Before you can effectively play the snake, you need to walk the field and understand the field layout; otherwise, you will fail at this.  Every field has its own layout and will require you to learn it before you can play it, and you really need to form a game plan.

  • First off, you want to get to the horizontal bunker and check the tape.  Be aware of where other players are and run with your head up so you can have a good view of where others are.
  • You want to get down the snake as far as possible at lightning speed to avoid getting shot at.  After doing this, you will want to take your angle.
  • Communicate with your teammates.  Snake players need to communicate a lot since they are totally blind during play.  Be sure to listen to what others are saying and play accordingly.  If you are told to move from your position – do that!  If you are told to snakeplayshoot – do it!  Listen for your name and specific calls so you know where your opponent is.
  • Look inside for shots; this is where your angle is going to be.  If you have a corner player, let him protect you during play and watch for opponents.
  • Try not to be predictable, you don’t want the opponent to be able to predict your every move – what good does that do?  Never end up in the same place twice in a row – keep moving.  Keeping different positions will throw your opponent off and help to post up on him or her.
  • Avoid Gun Battles at all costs!  And avoid tunnel vision as well, especially on the tape.
  • Stay tight!
  • Keep moving
  • While playing the snake, practice up on your snapshooting – this is a great opportunity to do this!

What other tips and tricks do you utilize while playing the snake on the field?  If you have any insight, please share them with us below in the comment box!

How To Bunker Another Player

Are you looking to find some really good advice on how to bunker an opposing player?  If so, you have come to the right place!  Bunkering is a special part of paintball and takes quite a bit of skill, especially if you are a newbie.  Basically, what you want to do is run up on the opposing team player and shoot a few paintballs at them while they are looking away.  The key here, however, is to fully know where your opponent is at, at all times and follow a few steps to become successful at this particular art form in the world of paintball.


Here are a few steps on how to bunker an opposing player in paintball:

  • MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE PLACEMENT OF THE OPPOSING TEAM MEMBER!!  This is very important, because you want to be on top of your game at all times.  Also, this is a great time to pull out that snapshooting skill you have been brushing up on while practicing with your teammates.  Pop out from behind a cover, take a few looks around and fire once you see your opponent.
  • Next, you want to make sure you are communicating with your fellow teammates.  Your teammates should know your placement and know what to expect when you bunker the opponent.  Also be sure to let your teammates know which bunker you will be doing the move on and ask for their response.  They may not feel it is the best decision at the time – Communication is KEY in paintball!
  • Once you have gotten the green light from your teammates, perform a few snapshots and drive your opponent behind his bunker.  Once he or she is behind the bunker, shoot him or her out from behind it and fire away!

Bunkering is a special technique to use on the field and can be helpful for getting an edge up on your opposing team.  However, bunkering takes a lot of luck, and skill, but more so luck.  Learn from your mistakes and practice this skill off of the field and before a big tournament.  Bunkering can be very useful, but also a win or lose type situation – so be careful!

Have you ever performed bunkering during a paintball game or tournament?  If so, give us the details in the comment box!  We would love to hear about your techniques, tricks and tips.  Did the bunkering work out for you and your team?  Share with us!

Playing Paintball Tips

There is a lot that goes into playing the sport of paintball, maybe more than what you might think.  You need to fully understand the skill and dedication that it takes to be a “good paintball player” these days.  Not to mention, if you want to become a pro or move up in the world of paintball, you need to possess some certain skills.  In this post we will be discussing some of the top tips that we believe make a paintball player a “good” or even “great paintball enthusiast”.

1. Snapshooting

Snapshooting is one of the most important skills you will need to possess while playing paintball, and is a skill that we talked about in a previous posting on our blog.  To quickly snapshootgo over this skill, basically, you are behind a bunker or a type of cover and you quickly do some pop-outs where you shoot a few rounds at the opponent and pop back behind the cover.  It seems easy, but truly, you need to work at this to get good at it.

2. Communicate

This is a biggie when it comes to playing on a team of paintball; you have to communicate and have code words or some kind of language that you use on the field to talk with your teammates.  To win paintball games you have to function as a team; it’s like they always say, “there is no ‘I’ in the word ‘TEAM’”.  You need to always know where your teammates are on the field and communicate with each other on strategies and how you plan to make your next move.  Practice, and we are serious when we say this – PRACTICE communicating on the field so that this is never an issue on your team.

3. Consider Your Health

Seriously!  You need to be in good standing, in good health and be physically capable to be a good player on a paintball team.  If you don’t workout and stay up with your physical self, you will eventually slow down and become a hindrance to your team (just sayin’).  Don’t be that guy, or girl, who is lagging behind and causing the team to lose simply because you are not an active trainer.  Adopt some simple workout routines, such as jogging or hitting the gym a few times a week to build up your endurance.  You can do it, we have faith in you!

4. Use Good Paint

It’s as simple as that – you need to use good paint in your gun, because if the shape or JT Splatmaster 1000ct Ammodesign is off, your shot will be off and you almost always will miss your target.  Buy quality paint, which you can find on our website from many of our awesome brands.  This is a no-brainer!  Just do it!  Use good paint and you will almost always have a good shot.


What are some good tips you can offer to everyone for becoming the best paintball player you can be?  Share with us below in the comment box.

Ammo Care & How to Fix Your Ammo If It Isn’t Breaking

Happy New Year!  Things at Hustle Paintball are firing up, we are excited and ready to start a new year with you guys and are thankful for the past fun we had in 2013.  To start the year off, we figured we would give you some info on ammo care…so here is a previous video we taped for your watching enjoyment…

We’ve got some very important info in here on how to take care of your Splatmaster Ammo, as well as which ammo canisters you should buy. The Pineapple grenades are something that everyone should have on hand, because you can clip them to your belt or pocket and have extra ammo with you at all times for easy reloading. Then, pick up a case of 1,000 or 500, to have PLENTY of extras available for plenty of SplatMasterin’ fun!


The JT SplatMaster is a low impact product that shoots round color filled Ammo resulting in a Splat. JT SplatMaster markers are spring loaded and shoot at a velocity of 110-140 feet per second. This is less than half the speed of a standard .68 caliber paintball out of a paintball marker. This low-impact style of play requires no air, and no extra accessories just to be able to go out and play. If you pick up the z100 pistol or z200 shotgun with some ammo and the JT SplatMaster Optix goggle system; you will be able to go out in your backyard and play immediately!

The JT SplatMaster was engineered so kids (and adults!) ages 9+ could easily cock, load, and fire. JT SplatMaster Ammo is 100% biodegradable, non toxic, non staining, and easily washes away with water. JT SplatMaster is active play for the entire family. Safe, fun, accurate – Get in the Game!

JT Splatmaster is geared towards newer and younger players, but you do not need to be either of these to jump in the fun! We here at Hustle Paintball have extensively tested the products and they are just so much fun! It is great being able to go out to the park with your ammo and run around shooting at each other cops & robber style. Making your own objectives in games is easy and fun and does not require all the nonsense that the higher impact style of Paintball requires.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a JT SplatMaster today and see just how much fun you can have!

Some SplatMaster Products available on our website:

JT Splatmaster 1000ct Ammo




JT Splatmaster 500ct Ammo


Snapshooting is probably one of the most important skills that you will need to master prior to hitting the paintball field.  It is an effective and essential way of shooting quickly behind a bunker.  Basically, snapshooting is where you are behind some sort of cover, like a bunker, and quickly pop out to shoot a few rounds at an opponent.  After you shoot those few rounds, you quickly hide back behind the cover.

The reason why this type of shooting is effective is because it is quick and provides you with the opportunity to trick your opponent and catch them off guard.  You should try to practice snapshooting with your team or by yourself prior to going to a tournament or a paintball game.  Here are some tips for becoming THE best snapshooter out there…

  • Practice It – Practice makes perfect, right?  Or at least that’s what they say.  By setting up some sort of bunker or cover and a target out in a field somewhere, you can easily practice this type of shooting skill.  You can even set up different targets at different distances, which will give you some variety and different things to shoot at.
  • While Playing, Make Sure You Know Where Your Opponent Is – If you know where your opponent is, or where he is hiding, then you are better able to snapshoot without getting caught.  Also, if you have a good idea of where the guy is, you will know which side of the bunker to lean out of.  If you lean right, you will want to facesnapshooting to the right.  Lean forward, which helps you to avoid awkward positioning.  If you want to come out from the left side, then do the same thing just to the left.
  • When you lean out, you only what about half of your body exposed – this will help to avoid getting shot at and hit.  When you lean out of your bunker, only allow half your head (enough to see), your hands and your marker to come out.
  • After you shoot a few rounds, pop back behind your bunker to avoid getting shot at.  As soon as your opponent shoots at you or hits your bunker, repeat the process again.
  • Never come out with your gun first.
  • Mix It Up!  Try to avoid coming out of the same side, along with the same positions.  If you came out to the right in a crouching position then next time come out from the left side in a kneeling position.  Just switch it up and keep your opponent on his toes.