The Hustle Reload #44 – Thanksgiving Cheer from Hustle Paintball

It was a short week at Hustle Paintball, so we decided to video all of us wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving (which we hope yours was awesome!).

Some things that we are thankful for here at Hustle Paintball:

  • YOU GUYS- Our customers!  Without you guys, we wouldn’t have a job, so you are what we are most thankful for.  Thank you for supporting us, and sending us so much love.  You guys are great!
  • People who made Old English
  • Having the opportunity to work here at Hustle Paintball, and to play on Team Anomaly!
  • Cool co-workers that are also great friends
  • Friends and family
  • All of the travel that we get to do with Hustle Paintball and Team Anomaly

And guess what!  We finally got some Dye Pants in, and Erik shares those with you…Check them out!

The Dye Precision 2014 C14 Paintball Pants – Ace

dye-precision-2014-c14-paintball-pantsThe all-new Dye C14 Pant is the result of close collaboration among pro athletes, material experts, and designers. Manufactured with features like Breathable Assembly, Pigsticker Protection, and Bomb-Proof Construction. Features a Hyper-Flex harness-stabilizing back yoke, double stitched flex-paneled ballistic 400 D nylon knees, adjustable waist and cuffs, a reinforced saddle seat, and responsive air-foam padding in sensitive areas.


The Dye Precision 2014 C14 Paintball Pants – Airstrike











Dye Precision 2014 C14 Paintball Pants – Bomber

Dye Precision 2014 C14 Paintball Paints Bomber








Dye Precision 2014 C14 Paintball Pants – Formula 1