Lens Tint Differences? It’s Not About The Looks

Why do manufacturers make different lens colors? I’ll tell you this—it isn’t for style points. All the different lenses you see in masks? They all have a purpose. They all do something.

Most of the best players I know are pretty serious about goggle choice. From comfort to functionality and lens color. They end up acquiring as many lens tints as possible. The last thing they care about are style points. Style doesn’t win matches.

What’s the best lens tint? It depends on the situation.

Let’s start with Mirrored Lenses:


They look cool, right? Sure. Everyone loves to see their reflection in your mask. Put them on during a dark day or an indoor game to look cool and you’ll be screwed. Mirrored lenses are often the darkest. They block the most light. You likely won’t need them until a really sunny day rolls around or if you want to play in the snow. That’s actually the only time I use mine.

What about Clear Lenses?


Clear lenses are my everyday go-to lens. They can cover every situation effectively—mostly because they are clear. If you only have one set of lenses, you have to take this route. Clear lenses are perfect for 60-80% of the field conditions most players experience—they are really fine for everything except the most sunny days.

Smoke Lenses:


Smoke or gray-tint lenses is one of the first colors you should get after clear. They provide adequate sun protection will still giving you clear definition and true colors. The biggest benefit to smoke lenses is that they help keep you from squinting on sunny days. Don’t use them inside though—I guess you can but you’re not going to be able to see anything.

Amber or Orange Lenses: 


Orange is, in my opinion, the most useful color to get if you’re going to do anything after clear or smoke. Amerish/orange tint helps improve your ability to focus in dim conditions or when it is hazy outside. They also help improve your depth perception. It’s about increasing the reds you see and limiting the colors that block your ability to focus. They also help improve your ability to see things move quickly.

You’ll notice that a lot of professional marksmen use orange tint glasses in shooting competitions. There’s a reason for it. They help improve focus.

The rest of the rainbow: Blue, Red, Green



You see these colors everywhere. Personally, I think they are pretty useless. Clear, Mirrored, Smoke and Orange/Amber lenses will cover everything you need. Green is good for blocking light on sunny days, but you already have mirrored for that. Red supposedly filters out light that improves sharpness—amber works the same but does it better. You don’t see any marksmen with red lenses. Blue reduces glare, but—come’on they are blue. I think they look silly, and honestly, you’re not going to find many practical situations where they are better than amber lenses for improving perception.

Which Ones Do You Buy?

Doesn’t matter to me—we want you to buy them all obviously. If you’re new to paintball, clear is the way to go. After that, get smoke for sunny days. Amber should be next if you want to see movement better and sharpen up your depth perception. Mirrored? Sure if you’re going to be playing on really sunny days. Everything else? Buy it to look cool

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HK Army KLR Mask Review

HK Army teased the release of the KLR goggles at World Cup 2013 and we just saw them again at Paintball Extravaganza 2014 a few weeks ago. They are available for pre-order right now and they should be shipping out very soon.28490112-0-1

The KLR spent four years in the development stage with HK Army consistently claiming that they would be the “most technically advanced goggle system ever released in the sport of paintball.” When it comes to style, visual appeal, and customization, HK Army’s innovative claims might be right. The KLR has a sleek profile and list of customization features that dominate other goggles on the market right now.

PVT Lock System

HK Army’s PVT Lock System is the soul of the new mask. The KLR is the first goggle system designed to incorporate a completely interchangeable lens, strap, and hinge that can be easily switched out and customized in seconds. HK’s patent-pending PVT lock is easy to use. To switch out the lens you simply unclip the strap, open the strap-retained PVT lock hinges, replace the lens and clip the PVT lock hinges back in place.

One of the best elements of the PVT lock system is color and lens customization. There are 10 total lens options for every situation, 15 different strap colors, and 16 PVT lock color options. Between the different color straps, masks, hinges and lenses you can create over 15,000 unique combinations. Aesthetically, the KLR is one of the most advanced goggles we have seen.

3D Memory Foam

The foam system HK uses contains the layers. At the base of the mask is a high-density SBR memory foam designed to absorb impacts. This is where most goggle systems stop. On top of this foam layer, is an open-cell EVA foam that matches the contours of the user, improving overall fit. Both layers are covered by the third layer—a velvet microfiber liner engineered to absorb sweat and insulate to prevent fogging. The foam system is

The EVA form earpiece (KLR soft-ear) helps protect the outer and inner ear from impacts and mask abrasion. Other mask systems have attempted to integrate earpiece foam into their designs, but the KLR is one of the only goggles that does it while maintaining a high level of comfort and a low profile.

Additional Features

Customization is where the HK KLR goggle system shines, but all of the other features you would expect are still there. The lenses are made of a dual-paned UV and infrared shielded composite (they block wavelengths of light that cause eye damage and provide glare resistance). The overmolded face shield is a dual density thermoplastic elastomer (a fancy name for rubberized plastic). A complex ventilation system promotes breathability and the overall design offers a wide freedom of movement.

The KLR is a well designed mask that HK Army spend years developing. At just under $125 for basic colors, it is a little expensive. In our opinion, it’s totally worth it. There aren’t many masks on the market that can match the KLR’s customization options, comfort and style. Pre-order yours now because once your see these in action you’re going to order it anyway.

Review of the C2 Eyon Mask

Everyone is talking about the C2 Eyon. Tiberius Arms acknowledges that the Eyon is strikingly similar to Angel Eyes but insists that this is new mask. They are definitely downplaying the Angel Eyes pedigree. When Tiberius Arms acquired Guerilla Air, the original developers of Angel Eyes approached them with the idea of creating the Eyon. One of the obvious challenges was to improve on the Angel Eyes design—one that many people loved, but was unable to pass ASTM testing.

We got to see the C2 Eyon mask at Paintball Extravaganza 2014 and they are definitely impressive. Let’s take an in-depth look at the C2.

The entire Tiberius Arms C2 lineup is going to focus on close quarters, speedball, and cross over products. Creating a full wrap around view is where they started with the Eyon. When you put the mask on, you definitely get a full unobstructed field of view that is essential for fast-action play.

Cross over products need adaptability. It’s a new trend that we are seeing as different play styles, scenario situations, and rules develop. The C2 Eyon includes an easily removable lens. Taking the lens off is a “snap.” You fold the lens tabs 90 degrees and it slides right out. Lens adaptability and ease make cleaning simple, but also make it easy to switch play styles quickly. Switching lenses between a bright speedball match with a ton of glare potential to a dimly lit woodsball game is a breeze.

We didn’t get the opportunity to fully test the anti-fog properties of the C2 Eyon, but Tiberius Arms claims that they don’t fog up. The full thermal system is designed to ventilate properly and a lens coating helps avert the buildup of distracting moisture.

They are a comfortable set of goggles and completely customizable. One of the features we love is the lack of foam covering the noise bridge. This improves breathing dramatically and also reduces voice muffle that some masks are notorious for. The rest of the foam padding is fully customizable. You can move it around to improve comfort or replace it with a different density foam.

Tiberius says that the C2 Eyon mask is “revolutionary.” We aren’t so sure they are—they strike an uncanny resemblance to Angel Eyes, not to mention the same developers worked on the project. What they do offer is safety that Angel Eyes couldn’t.

The original Angel Eyes could not pass ASTM testing. Working with the developers, Tiberius Arms discovered that the shape, angle, and thickness of the lenses was at fault. As a result, the lens shape toward the back of the lens was altered and thickness was increased. The result is a mask that can pass ASTM testing.

We are excited about the C2 Eyon mask. They offer improved safety, excellent comfort, and the adaptability needed in today’s fast-moving paintball world. With so much talk surrounding the C2 Eyon and their similarity to Angel Eyes, orders should come in fast. Be sure to check out our ongoing pre-order.

How To Clean Your Paintball Mask

There are many different rumors floating around on how to correctly clean your mask. We’ve got two of the best ways to clean your mask without scratching the lenses or removing any protective (anti-scratch, UV, anti-fog, tinted) coating. We show demonstrations of these two popular techniques and suggest good products to use while warning about harmful products and techniques.

Technique #1: How To Clean Your Mask Without Scratching the Lens

So you were out playing some paintball and you got shot right on the lens.  This is makes for a very good reason WHY you should always clean your mask – because you can’t see out of it afterwards!  So what you want to do is take the excess paint off of the lens (as demonstrated in our YouTube clip).  One of the easiest ways to do this, especially if you are out without a microfiber cleaning cloth, just use your hand!  Wipe as much paint off as possible with your hand.  The idea is that your hand keeps you from scratching your lens and still allows you to continue playing some paintball.  Once you get home, use some cleaning solution – spray it onto the lens and use a microfiber cloth to clean the rest of the paint off of your mask.  For some great mask and lens cleaning products, be sure to check out our website for some of these items.

Some really great Anti-Fog Cleaners & Sprays from Hustle Paintball:

Pathogen Goggle Maintenance Kit

Pathogen’s new Goggle Maintenance Packs give you everything you need to have that pathogen-goggle-maintenance-kitupper edge on your competition. While others are trying to wipe away that dirt and debris with their sleeves, your lens is clean as a whistle, and now they have even more to wipe off when they get off the field.


  • 2 oz. Pathogen AR Kleen Lens Cleaner
  • Pathogen Microfiber Lens Cloth


On our website, several of you guys actually reviewed the Pathogen Goggle Maintenance Kit.  Here is what you guys said:

“Great stuff, also use it on my glasses” ~Jim

“Excellent” ~Giani

“This is great for any mask Have this for my amazing dye I4’s from hustlepaintball Cleans the paint right off so you can get back n the field” ~Oscar

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The Hustle Reload #45

Chris further proves to us that he’s just a troll…
Erik Goes over the new Geo 3.1s AND shows us how to put a visor on a Dye i4!

We also have our end (or beginning??) of the month shout outs! Thanks to all our supporters out there! You guys are awesome!

Check out the NEW Planet Eclipse Geo3.1 Paintball Gun!

Take note that this marker is currently on Pre-Order and will be available to ship out mid-December (so pretty soon!)

“Smooth, quiet and utterly devastating. The Geo3.1 epitomizes everything that is great about a spool valve single tube paintball marker. That it also offers exceptional efficiency and the trademark Planet Eclipse virtues of bulletproof reliability and ease of maintenance make it a simply unbeatable package.

planet-eclipse-geo3.1-paintball-gun-midnightNow in its third generation, the Geo platform has gained huge popularity amongst tournament and woodsball players alike. Speedball players appreciate the way that the very small amount of barrel rise even during ramping allows them to stay on target longer even when firing single-handedly during rapid reloading. And the efficiency giving them the ability to carry enough paint for even the longest of matches. In the woods, the light weight of the Geo3.1 combines with its incredibly quiet sound signature to make it the perfect companion for those extended periods on the field and for taking those shots when you don’t want to give your position away.”

Wow….Look at all of these features!

  • Geo 3 Cure ST1 And ST2 Bolt Assemblies
  • Gen 2 ISCIS (Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) Solenoid Valve
  • Geo 3 Propshaft with Spring-Loaded Drive Core
  • LV1-Style Grip Frame and Grips
  • AT Pipe System
  • Full Length Rear Console
  • Integrated Body Filter
  • Bolt Speed Control System (BSC)
  • SL4 Inline Regulator – Works With Any Tank
  • E-Portal Compatible – Update Firmware, Splash Screens and User Settings
  • Shaft4 Barrel 14.5″/0.689″ – Longer, tighter control bore improves efficiency and consistency
  • Multicoloured Transflective LCD Module
  • Extended Grip Pitch – Increased Comfortable and Stability
  • Spool Valve Design
  • Low Reciprocating Mass – Bolt 17g
  • 6-Second Strip Down – To remove and separate all internal Bolt components
  • Tool-less Bolt removal – all internal bolt components removed without tools
  • BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System)
  • Def-Tek Offset Feed
  • C-Lever Clamping Feedneck with Sprocket Wheel
  • Dual Selectable Trigger Switching – Opto and Micro Switches
  • Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms – Spring and Magnetic Return
  • Integrated Audible Beeper for Alarms and Actuations
  • Capped and Uncapped Ramp Modes
  • All Major Tournament Presets
  • 9 Preset Debounce Modes
  • 5-Point Adjustable Trigger
  • POPS – On/Off/Purge ASA System

We also mentioned this new Dye i4 Mask

The Dye i4 Mask is the smallest, lightest and lowest profile accompanied with the best field vision out there.  This mask features:

  • The i4 Rapid lens change system, which allows you to change lenses in under 10 seconds!
  • 290 Degrees of Horizontal and Peripheral Vision
  • Co-Molded Soft Low Profile Mask

Dye i4 Mask in Black

The Hustle Reload #15 – Some Troll-age and Proflex Love

Jason has been tracking his Vamped GE03, it came in and he has NO IDEA!  So, what happens when you buy a new toy and you work at Hustle Paintball?  Ethan will steal it, lie about its delivery, where it is at the warehouse, run around aimlessly and hide it…yea, you get the picture – TROLLED!  You would think by now that co-workers would catch on after a while, but guess not.

After indulging in our fun, fast-forward to 8:15 and Cromer gives you some insight into one of the latest questions we have been getting lately – how to double-strap your mask and how to replace the strap on your Proflex!

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