J4 Torque Paintball gun (Stacked-Tube Spool-Valve)

The J4 Torque is almost here! We tested one of the prototypes in November at PSP World Cup. Since then, J4 Paintball has been hard at work testing and revising the marker to perfection before release time. Many people have been excited about this one for a while and we think it will definitely live up to the hype.


This is J4 Paintball’s first marker and, right from the start, they promised to set off on a brilliant innovative path. The Torque is the first Stacked-Tube Spool-Valve (STS) paintball gun anyone has seen. Traditional spool valve markers are quiet and smooth, but they lack the efficiency and reliability of poppet-style valve configurations. Years ago, J4 had a vision to combine the reliability and maintenance ease of a poppet valve with the quiet operation and precision of spool systems. They got some designers together back in 2005 and filed the patent for the Torque’s STS valve in 2009.

It’s been a long time since development of the Torque started. J4 Paintball took their time getting it right. Their diligence shows.

The J4 Torque is reliable. The STS system drastically reduces the o-ring wear you see on traditional spool-valve markers. The drive train of the J4 is a piston that drives a standard stacked tube pull pin style bolt with an Exalt bolt tip. The piston only has three replicable o-rings that require lubrication and maintenance. The entire drive train pops right out of the back on the gun. It proves robust enough to function properly under a variety of conditions—cold, wet, hot weather—the  J4 cycles consistently through everything.

J4 is still working on finalizing the firing modes. Currently, they plan for semi-auto, PSP, NPPL and Ramping. The board is LED powered—it doesn’t have one of the new OLED style displays.

The marker is auto-timed so you don’t need to worry about dwell. A Hall Effect Sensor that measures the position of the bolt and adjusts timing. The dwell really doesn’t matter. As long as you have enough dwell the gun will fire. The Hall Effect Sensor is only there to guarantee the cycle is completed before the bolt returns.


Custom Exalt grips ship with the marker, however J4 plans to release CAD for the grip, fore grip, trigger and grip panel. This will allow anyone to design their own parts so you can customize the gun to your own style. That’s a pretty sweet feature that you won’t see with many other designs. The stock barrel is a custom 14″ barrel threaded with autococker-style “Quick” threads. The gun is powered by a rechargeable CR123 battery. It was tested to 100,000 shots per charge. The feedneck is a solid mount to KEE ‘Sniper’ specs and has a cam lock lightener.

Initially, the J4 Torque will come in four colors—blue, green, red and all black. J4 plans to release more radically painted markers in the future. Right now they are keeping it basic for launch.

We’ve waited long enough for the J4 Torque to become available and now the time is finally here. It’s their first marker, the first Stacked-Tube Spool-Valve design, and an overall awesome package that took a decade of development. All of the prototype models we saw and tested—both at PSP World Championships and the 2014 Paintball Extravaganza impressed and delivered on J4 Paintball’s long promise that this marker would be a game changer.

Be on the lookout for the new J4 Torque at our website, check out our Facebook and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Review

This is by far the finest paintball gun review we have done to date!  So sit back, grab a snack and enjoy!  We will be reviewing the Planet Eclipse 2013 Ego LV1 Paintball gun.

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 is the first new tournament marker from Eclipse since the Geo that was introduced in 2009.  This marker is undeniably remarkable and we will tell you why in this article:planet-eclipse-geo-lv1-paintball-gun

The Eclipse passion, performance and quality have been instilled into this particular paintball gun leaving the competition crying in the dust.  The technology that has been used in making this gun has never even been thought of when it comes to paintball markers.  Shooting and holding this gun is just completely different from any other gun you will pick up.

InternallyThis paintball gun, internally as well as externally, is just remarkable.  On the inside there is a profiled lever that can be found between the rammer and the exhaust valve that separates all of the action between the rammer and bolt from the valve.  Another great aspect is that the new technology allows for the valve to be opened much slower, with less force.

When you shoot this gun you just-can’t-stop!  It is suplanet eclipse ego lv1ch a smooth shot, simply because the kick is greatly reduced and the shot is super quiet.  You definitely have to try out this gun; don’t just take our word for it!

Some other really great features of this paintball gun include:

  • Unique Lever Valve Mechanism
  • Zick3 Rammer System
  • Heavy and Light Zick3 Rammer Included
  • Cure5 Bolt
  • Internal LPR
  • SL4 Inline Regulator
  • AT Pipe Gas Transfer System
  • High Flow Onion Valve
  • Shielded Valve Spring
  • 40% Larger Valve Chamber
  • 65-80psi LPR Pressure
  • 120-135psi Inline Pressure
  • Contoured Grip and Console
  • HiGrip Foregrip and Body Sleeve
  • Adjustable Direct Acting Solenoid Valve
  • Dual Rammer Speed Controls
  • Tool-less Bolt, Rammer and Valve Removal
  • 14.5″ Shaft4 Barrel with 0.689″ Back
  • Infra-Red Break Beam Eyes
  • Replaceable Transflective Graphic LCD Module
  • Adjustable Tru-Colour RGB LCD Backlite
  • 16-Bit Microprocessor – 16 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second)
  • Improved Solenoid Drive Circuitry for increased Velocity Consistency
  • Menu Driven User Interface
  • Ultra-Lightweight, Single Billet 3D Machined Body (Machined in the UK)
  • Deftek Offset Feed Tube
  • Clamping Feed with Sprocket Wheel Adjustment
  • Integrated Rammer Housing
  • Integrated FRM
  • Offset BoresPlanet Eclipse 2013 Ego LV1 Paintball Gun Poison IV
  • Micro-Switch and Opto Sensor Trigger Activation
  • Dual Instrument Grade Ball-Raced Trigger
  • Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms – Magnetic and Spring Trigger
  • Integrated Audible Sounding Device
  • Ramping and Semi-Auto Modes
  • Compliant with Regulations of all Major Paintball Leagues
  • E-Portal Compatible
  • Assembled and Tested at Planet Eclipse HQ in the UK

The Hustle Reload #49 – Quick & dirty tour of New Hustle and a CBTC on RDR settings

“Sorry for the delay! Turns out a bunch of 3D graphics were causing encoding issues. Had to scrap ’em. Bummer.” -Russell

This week we give you a weekly time lapsed update on the move to New Hustle, or Hustle 2.0.  Cromer hosts a long BTC on the new 2014 Dye i4 masks and talks about the new Pulse RDR along with our new T2s
we got in.

Some questions are gone over in a Qn’A which leads us to a quick and dirty tour of the new place!

Some New Products You Gotta Check Out…

Check out the new CCM T2 – Build Your Own Paintball Gun, you know…the one of your CCM T2 Pump Marker Detaildreams!  This CCM T2 pump paintball marker is definitely a sought after gun, and for good reason.  You get to customize and create the look and feel of the ultimate paintball gun you have always wanted.  The only downside is there is a 4-6 week turnaround, but hey the wait is worth it simply because the performance and customization is amazing.  Depending on the features you select, the price may vary but rest assured, your hard earned money will be well spent!

CCM T2 Pump MarkerSome of the features you get with the CCM T2 pump paintball gun:

  • Dust (matte) or polished finish with dust or polished accents – you choose!
  • Auto trigger kit and a grip frame of your choice with CCM custom grip panels and trigger
  • Bottom line kit
  • Pump return spring
  • 11″ barrel with a 3″ sizer insert of your choice*
  • Choice of feedneck style
  • The pump kit has dust OR polished hardware, pump return spring, the new dual rod assembly and T2 pump handle.
  • Diamond honed bolt bore
  • All of the rods are made from stainless steel
  • Aluminum parts are made from 6061 aluminum for improved anodized finish and color match
  • Each marker has been fully tested and adjusted before it is shipped

Visit this link to see what the customizer is all about.  There are many colors, options and features that you can choose from!

The 2014 Dye Precision i4 Mask

We have reviewed the Dye i4 Masks before, but these new 2014 masks are really great and must be showcased!  Just to recap some of the features:

  • The i4 Rapid Lens Change System
  • 290 Degrees of Horizontal and Peripheral Vision
  • Co-Molded Soft Low Profile MaskDye Precision i4 Mask Airstrike
  • Soft Lightweight Ear Protection
  • Comfortable Anatomic Mask Fit
  • Retention Strap
  • Extreme Multi-Directional Venting
  • 20% Lighter Than Previous i3 Pro Goggle System
  • Upgraded with a High Definition Thermal Lens


Milsig 2013 MKIII Paradigm Pro Mag-Fed First Strike Paintball Gun Review & Shooting

The highly anticipated 2013 Mark III series “Para Pro” hit our building and we immediately started testing it and were very pleased! For a precision, mag-fed marker, it’s tough to beat! Jay shows you ALL of the different features, there’s plenty of delicious gun porn and shooting demos in here, so grab a Snickers – we hope you’re comfortable :) It’s a nice, long video.



This paintball marker is a completely new version of the Paradigm.  It is lighter, more efficient, more accurate and even more realistic than the original marker.  Some really great features of this Milsig M-Series Paradigm Pro First Strike Marker:

  • New High Efficiency Air Technology (HEAT) semi-automatic operating system – this feature helps the Paradigm Pro to be more efficient (about 20% more efficient).  It also decreases operating pressure and provides a consistent shot for long distance.
  • Built-In Marksman Rifled Barrel – specially configured to match the fin pattern of the FIRST STRIKE projectile.  Both range and accuracy are drastically improved in this paintball marker.
  • Rail Integrated System (RIS) – meticulously CNC machined from billets of aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Realistic Proportions – the gap between the Magazine Well and the Trigger Guard were removed.  The Paradigm PRO is more compact and mimics the proportions of a 7.62mm Armalite variant.
  • More compact and less weight – Weight has been dropped from 3.15kg to 2.65kg, over an 18% reduction!  Additionally, the length has dropped from 991mm to 850mm that is over 16% of reduction in length!
  • Easier to maintain
  • 20-Round .68 Cal. Square Head Magazine
  • 10-Round First Strike Straight Magazine
  • Flip-Up Polymer Front and Rear Sights

How To Keep Your Marker Running Like New

Keeping your paintball marker running like new is essential for keeping up with everyone out on the playing fields.  If you don’t maintain, clean and keep your marker up, it will more than likely start running like…well…you know, not so good.  Not to mention, the risks of leaks, it stops shooting all together or ends up needing much more fixes than normal.  Most good paintball markers are expensive these days, so to avoid having to buy a new one, maintain it and do some of the following tips to help keep it running like you just bought it!

  1. While playing in a tournament or some sort of paintball game, if you happen to jab your marker into a stream of water or puddle of mud be sure to clean it out after you are finished playing.  You wouldn’t want mud to harden inside your marker.
  2. NEVER use any oil or lubricant that is not made for paintball guns.  If you end up planet-eclipse-geo3-paintball-gunusing the wrong oil, you might hurt or destroy your o-rings, so be cautious.  If you need some paintball oil, visit this link here.
  3. After you are done playing, wipe down your marker.  If you don’t then mud, residue and even paint can become REALLY hard to get off after it dries and hardens…just saying.
  4. Your barrel will also need some regular maintenance.  Anytime you play in a tournament or paintball game, use a squeegee to clean the inside of your barrel.  If there is any leftover paint inside of the barrel after playing it can cause your marker to become inaccurate…and no one wants that.

    Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab/Squeegee Combo

    Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab/Squeegee Combo

  5. Always check your CO2 to make sure that you aren’t empty.  Also, check the valves to ensure that there are no problems with them.
  6. If your marker uses a battery, replace them often or check for corrosion.

Regular maintenance on your marker is super crucial to keep it running like new.  If you have any additional questions or have any other cleaning tips you have found helpful in maintaining your gun, leave them below in the comment box.

Best Magazine Fed Paintball Guns

Are you in the market for a new magazine fed paintball gun?  If so, you have come to the right place.  The noticeable realism of these guns add to the fun, particularly scenario style paintball.  And what better way to replicate military style fighting than with a lifelike replica?  In this blog post, we will be reviewing one of the best magazine fed paintball guns out there.

  1. The Milsig K-Series MK3 CQB Pro

The 2013 K-Series MK3 CQB PRO is the HEAT CORE upgraded version of the K-Series CQB PRO model.  The HEAT CORE system makes the marker easier to service, more durable and more efficient.


Milsig K-Series MK3 CQB Pro Paintball Marker

  • Easy Service and Quick Take Down – The inline blowback system has been replaced with the HEAT CORE blow forward system.  This makes the marker much lighter, quieter, more efficient and easier to service as a whole.  The entire HEAT CORE assembly ban be taken out of the marker without the use of tools.
  • Upgraded Magazine Release Tab & New AR Style Sights – With added material to the magazine release tab, there are less chances for breakage.  The new AR style milsig-magazinesights replace the more simple sights used on the MK2 model.
  • Front Metal Brackets – The Milsig famous steel reinforcement brackets are installed on this marker, making it very rigid.
  • New Durable External Finish – Milsig used their new Dura-Plating™ surface finish, which protects all of the metal parts with a matte black finish, which is very scratch resistant.  The finish is 20% more durable than traditional powder coating or anodized finishes and protects the marker.
  • Additional Features:
    • 0.68 Cal. Semi-Automatic Magazine Fed Paintball Marker
    • New HEAT Core Blow-Forward Spool Valve Internal System
    • Aluminum Alloy Reciever w/ Matte Black or Desert Dura-Plating Finish
    • Steel Reinforced Brackets
    • Convertible Magazine-Fed and Hopper-Fed loading systems
    • New Power Nozzle w/ Side Adjustable Velocity Ranging from 250-320fps
    • Powered by HPA
    • Weight: 1.7kg / 3.75lbs
    • Length: 70cm / 27.5″
    • Barrel Length: 20cm / 8″

From Hustle Paintball, the Milsig K-Series MK3 CQB Pro comes in Black or Desert Tan.

The Milsig K-Series MK3 CQB Pro Player Pack

milsig-kseries-mk3-cqb-pro-blackWith this MK3 CQB Player Pack you get everything you need to play magfed paintball in one package. When shopping for a magfed marker you get caught up in the prices of all that is available today on the market. This CQB Player Pack gets you playing right out of the box with the exception of paint.

From Hustle Paintball you can get a special package, which includes 3 extra magazines, 1 MATS stock and a 13 cu 3000 psi tank plus everything you get with a regular MILSIG MK3 CQB Purchase.  This is an amazing savings for everything you need to start playing and beats the prices of every other magfed package available to seasoned and aspiring magfed players alike.

This package includes:

    • 1 – MILSIG MK3 CQB
    • 4 – 20 round magazines (3 EXTRA MAGS!)milsig-kseries-mk3-cqb-pro
    • 1 – MATS (Mobile Air Tank Stock)
    • 1 – 13 cubic inch air tank
    • 1 – barrel
    • 1 – set of sights
    • 1 – remote adapter
    • 1 – feed neck
    • 1 – barrel blocking device
    • 1 – container of marker oil
    • 1 – set of Allen wrenches



Be sure to check out our review in this recent YouTube posting: