The Best Paintball Cleats

If you aren’t playing with the right shoes, you are missing out on one of the best ways to up your game. Any type of traction advantage is going to improve your ability to run and cut, resulting in improved quickness and better play. Several types of shoes are popular in paintball. Many players choose football or soccer cleats. These work well most of the time. For a long time, it was actually all that was available.

The best paintball cleats for you depend on your needs. Consider how much traction you want and how customizable you want to cleats to be. What is the typical play surface you play on? Is it turf, grass or dirt. Many fields that use turf surfaces have restrictions on the type of cleats that you can use. Additionally, you don’t necessarily want super-aggressive cleats for dirt-based play.

If you have already found something that works for your play style, definitely keep using it. Often times, a good pair of soccer cleats are absolutely fine. If you don’t have cleats yet, or you are looking for something that is paintball specific, check out these two options:


Exalt Developments TRX Paintball Cleats

These are one of the most popular paintball-specific options. Customization is key to these cleats. Two different sets of spikes are included. You can switch the spikes out for a more or less aggressive feel depending on your gait, field type, or field cleat restrictions.

They are only available in sized 9-13, they include a carrying bag, two sets of spikes, and a spike tool. At $80, they cost around the same as a good pair of soccer cleats. The advantage is customization and paintball-specific development.

HK Army Shredder Cleats

Instead of removable spikes, the HK Shredder uses fixed traction points. They are designed for use on a variety of surfaces—from mud and dirt to Astroturf. These cleats are acceptable on most turf fields because they don’t include metal spikes that dig up the surface. They are very similar in plate design to “turf shoes” developed for other sport-specific purposes.


The HK Army Shredder is $70.00 and available in sizes 8-14. They are a good deal, but not as customizable or advanced as the Exalt TRX cleat.

If you already have a pair of turf shoes or soccer cleats you’ll understand the impact that proper footing can have on your game. If you aren’t using cleats, you need to start. Consider the Exalt TRX if you want the best paintball cleats for adaptability. They can handle any play surface or condition. The HK Army Shredder cleats are excellent too—they are a good choice if you prefer simplicity and don’t want to be concerned with switching out spikes.

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What To Wear For Paintball

Wearing the right gear while playing paintball is essential, simply because it acts as a protective layer and is just part of being a true paintball player.  And to add to that, paint is pretty harsh on clothing so you want to make sure you are wearing either really old clothes or clothing designed for paintball specifically.

Some Clothing Recommendations

You will want to dress in layers.  By dressing in layers, you are reducing the impact that the paint shot at you has on your body.  So the layers act as a protective barrier for you.  Also, if it is extremely hot out, you obviously don’t want to pile on the heavy clothing, so what do you do then?  Just be smart and wear clothing that is both protective and can withstand paintballs being shot at it.

Some recommendations:

  • A Pair of Jeans or Paintball Pants – Wearing a good solid pair of pants is critical for Dye Precision Tactical Pant 2.0protecting your legs and backside. Durability, something with pockets and the ability to include some knee pads are some good key points to keep in mind.  Take for example the Dye Precision Tactical Pant 2.0.  These paintball pants were strategically made with you paintballers in mind.  They feature 45 degree pockets for easy access, stretch so you can wear knee pads.  Another great feature is that they are bombproof!  The material and stitching was strategically made so you can slide, dive and roll with confidence.  Check out some other really great paintball pants at Hustle Paintball by following this link here.
  • A T-Shirt or Two – Like we said above, you really want to focus on layering to help protect your body from paintball impact.  So layering with some t-shirts, either short HK Army Tshirtor long sleeve is the way to go.  We have a huge selection of paintball brand t-shirts that you can check out.  The brands we have include HK Army, Propper, Hustle Paintball, TechT Paintball, Tippmann, Valken and Violent Series.  Check them out!
  • Heavier Items Depending On The Weather – If it is cold out, you are definitely going to want something heavier on like a hoodie or paintball jacket.  These are great to keep in your body heat and also add some extra padding, giving you even PROPPER Foul Weather Gore-tex Parkamore protection.  We have a few really awesome hoodies on our website, and a pretty wide selection when it comes to the paintball jackets.  One of our best jackets/parkas that we have in stock includes the PROPPER Foul Weather Gore-tex Parka II, it comes in all sizes ranging from a 2X Extra Long all the way down to an extra small.  The features that are packed into this one parka are amazing!  It is made of 100% nylon, is waterproof, windproof and totally breathable fabric.  And not to mention, it is contamination-resistant!  How cool is that?!  What we love the most about this parka is that it is made in the USA and will never shrink or fade.  You just can’t beat it!
  • Additional Protective Gear – This includes gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and even protective head gear.  The more padding you have on, the less the risk of having a huge bruise or welt from getting shot at.
  • Shoes – You are obviously going to need a really good pair of paintball shoes to run in, with some good treading.  The Exalt TRX cleat is a great option because it beats out any other cleats used in any other sport!  They improve your game, offer you high-performance and are very lightweight.  Use them during woodsball, scenario, recreational, tournament and even big games!  These cleats feature 7 Spike Exalt TRX Cleatlocations in the forefoot of the out sole; 3 Spike locations at the heel of the out sole; and flexible out sole design, which allows for better traction especially when you are crawling on the ground.

So, there you have it – the paintball clothing you will need to play and be comfortable out on the field.  Do you have any special clothing or items that you wear while playing?  If so, leave us a comment describing what you wear during tournaments, out playing woodsball or at big games.