Ninja’s 77cu SL Tank is Available Now!

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The Ninja 77cu SL tank is available now!

Something legendary just happened today – something borderline miraculous. What’s the news? Oh, it’s only the announcement of today’s launch of Ninja’s 77cu SL tank! That’s right, folks – today. Now. Right now! The latest iteration in the ‘Super Lite’ brand, the Ninja 77cu SL is Ninja’s latest effort in ensuring that when you play paintball, you don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy tank that’s only going to get in the way, decrease the effectiveness of your game, and generally feel uncomfortable. Everyone wants a lighter tank (and thus, a lighter marker), and the new 77cu SL is going to make it happen. Less fatigue, the ability to perform better ‘snap shots,’ and again, a more comfortable feel when playing, the 77cu SL needs to be in your life.

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First Look: Ninja Microbore Remote Line

Ninja Microbore Remote Line Image

There’s nothing worse than playing woodsball with a curled remote line. You know what we’re talking about: those remote lines that for some reason have to be curled. One minute you’re running toward the sounds of gunfire (discreetly, of course), and the next minute? You’re on the ground with a barrel in your face because your remote line got wrapped around a branch, sending you falling to the ground, and alerting everybody to your presence. From there, you might as well take off your underwear, wrap it around a stick, and shout, “I surrender,” because you’re not getting out of this situation that easily.

And it’s all because of your curled remote line.

That’s a scenario full of assumptions, but the fact remains that if you are a big woodball players, you need a remote line that won’t cause you any problems. In a variant of paintball that relies heavily on stealth, you need a remote line that you can depend on. Moreover, a remote line that is light and doesn’t add any unneeded excess weight to your marker would be nice too. Whether you are an avid woodball player or enjoy another variant of the sport we love, a decent remote line is in your best interest – and that’s where Ninja’s Microbore Remote Line comes into play.

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Hands-On With the Ninja SL 68/4500 Tank

Ninja SL 68 4500 Image

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate lugging a heavy tank on the field. When I started playing in 2000, I used to carry one of those cheap 20oz aluminum tanks from Walmart. I thought I was awesome carrying all of that air, but once I hit the field? I couldn’t run, couldn’t crawl – I couldn’t do anything. I rely on my speed when playing, and without it? I might as well have a target on my back. Suffice to say, I was shot more times than I can count using that tank, and once I got rid of it? It was good riddance forever.

Tank technology has come a long way since then, and the Ninja HPA tank is the proof in the proverbial pudding.

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