Ninja Paintball Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Tank

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year nearly 215,000 women and 2,000 men in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer.  Of these, 40,000 women and 400 men die from breast cancer.  So with October being designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we at Hustle Paintball would like to recognize and support the American Cancer Society with the new Ninja Paintball 2013 Pink Breast Cancer Awareness

This special tank has our DURA matte finish in pink with a glossy white Ninja logo and the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon on the other side.  The regulator that you choose on the system will also include pink o-rings on the bonnet.  Make a statement, and support a great cause by purchasing this carbon fiber HPA tank.

Additionally, Ninja Paintball is offering the Pink Breast Cancer Awareness system with an exclusive limited edition PRO regulator.  This PRO regulator has pink o-rings on the bonnetninja-paintball-breast-cancer-tank-regulator and also features a white rotational collar.  These systems with the white rotational collar on the PRO reg are only available for this limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness tank.

As an added incentive, for every pink tank sold, we will donate a portion of that to the American Cancer Society.  These tanks are available now, but are limited in quantity, so make your purchase quick to support and recognize a great organization.

Honor those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as those who have overcome and have been recognized as breast cancer survivors with your Ninja Paintball Pink Breast Cancer Awareness tank!  Let’s band together and focus on the vision for finding a cure for breast cancer.  Go pink for October and raise awareness as you take on the field.

You can check out the review and description of the Ninja Paintball 2013 Pink Breast Cancer Awareness tank on The Hustle Reload #37 below, as well as other Ninja Tanks.  We know you love Ninja so get yours today!

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