Getting Into Mag Fed Paintball

Magazine Fed paintball is changing the game.  Over the last few years, the magazine fed and milsim paintball market has expanded rapidly. We’re going to see plenty of AR-styled paintball gun releases in 2014. The Tippmann TCR, Milsig M17, the Tiberius Arms T15 (expect a review soon), and several others are poised to capture the attention of players looking to get into the world of mag fed and milsim style play.

As it gets more popular, I hear people asking all the time, “What’s the best gear for mag fed paintball” or “What’s the cheapest mag fed paintball gun?”

Try a Friend’s Mag Fed Marker

Try it before you buy it. It’s easy to offer affordable suggestions. Kingman’s Spyder Hammer 7 is under $100. If you want something new and revolutionary, the Milsig M17 CQC is about to ship and is only $299. Both options seem fairly affordable, but by the time you add a few extra magazines and maybe some first strike rounds, even the least expensive markers are going to put a dent in your wallet. Your best bet is to go to a local facility with people that play mag fed games and ask to try someone’s marker.  For people accustomed to speedball it’s a different game.

Mag Fed Adapter

We already talked about the new Tippmann Mag Fed Adapter—an upgrade for the 98 Custom that uses Tru-Feed magazines or a 20-round Zeta mag. The 98 Custom adapter will start shipping in May. At just under $50, this might be the cheapest mag fed paintball option. There are plenty of 98 Customs out there waiting for a quick conversion.

MOLLE Vest and FazMag

If you get into mag fed paintball, you’ll quickly learn the importance of fast reloads. Effective equipment is just as important as a quality mag fed paintball gun.

A MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) belt or vest and magazine holders like the Milsig FazMag magazine speed pouches are the foundation of an efficient tactical reloading system. Check out our video and post on the FazMag:

There is a certain cool to mag fed that has everyone’s attention. Maybe it’s about having a badass AR style paintball gun. Personally, I think it is about the simplicity. Around 15 years ago, I started playing paintball in backwoods games with a Brass Eagle Talon and 35 round hopper. There was an excitement to the game brought on by the challenge of a simplified style. Magazine fed paintball returns me to those simple roots.

Best Magazine Fed Paintball Guns

Are you in the market for a new magazine fed paintball gun?  If so, you have come to the right place.  The noticeable realism of these guns add to the fun, particularly scenario style paintball.  And what better way to replicate military style fighting than with a lifelike replica?  In this blog post, we will be reviewing one of the best magazine fed paintball guns out there.

  1. The Milsig K-Series MK3 CQB Pro

The 2013 K-Series MK3 CQB PRO is the HEAT CORE upgraded version of the K-Series CQB PRO model.  The HEAT CORE system makes the marker easier to service, more durable and more efficient.


Milsig K-Series MK3 CQB Pro Paintball Marker

  • Easy Service and Quick Take Down – The inline blowback system has been replaced with the HEAT CORE blow forward system.  This makes the marker much lighter, quieter, more efficient and easier to service as a whole.  The entire HEAT CORE assembly ban be taken out of the marker without the use of tools.
  • Upgraded Magazine Release Tab & New AR Style Sights – With added material to the magazine release tab, there are less chances for breakage.  The new AR style milsig-magazinesights replace the more simple sights used on the MK2 model.
  • Front Metal Brackets – The Milsig famous steel reinforcement brackets are installed on this marker, making it very rigid.
  • New Durable External Finish – Milsig used their new Dura-Plating™ surface finish, which protects all of the metal parts with a matte black finish, which is very scratch resistant.  The finish is 20% more durable than traditional powder coating or anodized finishes and protects the marker.
  • Additional Features:
    • 0.68 Cal. Semi-Automatic Magazine Fed Paintball Marker
    • New HEAT Core Blow-Forward Spool Valve Internal System
    • Aluminum Alloy Reciever w/ Matte Black or Desert Dura-Plating Finish
    • Steel Reinforced Brackets
    • Convertible Magazine-Fed and Hopper-Fed loading systems
    • New Power Nozzle w/ Side Adjustable Velocity Ranging from 250-320fps
    • Powered by HPA
    • Weight: 1.7kg / 3.75lbs
    • Length: 70cm / 27.5″
    • Barrel Length: 20cm / 8″

From Hustle Paintball, the Milsig K-Series MK3 CQB Pro comes in Black or Desert Tan.

The Milsig K-Series MK3 CQB Pro Player Pack

milsig-kseries-mk3-cqb-pro-blackWith this MK3 CQB Player Pack you get everything you need to play magfed paintball in one package. When shopping for a magfed marker you get caught up in the prices of all that is available today on the market. This CQB Player Pack gets you playing right out of the box with the exception of paint.

From Hustle Paintball you can get a special package, which includes 3 extra magazines, 1 MATS stock and a 13 cu 3000 psi tank plus everything you get with a regular MILSIG MK3 CQB Purchase.  This is an amazing savings for everything you need to start playing and beats the prices of every other magfed package available to seasoned and aspiring magfed players alike.

This package includes:

    • 1 – MILSIG MK3 CQB
    • 4 – 20 round magazines (3 EXTRA MAGS!)milsig-kseries-mk3-cqb-pro
    • 1 – MATS (Mobile Air Tank Stock)
    • 1 – 13 cubic inch air tank
    • 1 – barrel
    • 1 – set of sights
    • 1 – remote adapter
    • 1 – feed neck
    • 1 – barrel blocking device
    • 1 – container of marker oil
    • 1 – set of Allen wrenches



Be sure to check out our review in this recent YouTube posting: