J4 Torque Paintball gun (Stacked-Tube Spool-Valve)

The J4 Torque is almost here! We tested one of the prototypes in November at PSP World Cup. Since then, J4 Paintball has been hard at work testing and revising the marker to perfection before release time. Many people have been excited about this one for a while and we think it will definitely live up to the hype.


This is J4 Paintball’s first marker and, right from the start, they promised to set off on a brilliant innovative path. The Torque is the first Stacked-Tube Spool-Valve (STS) paintball gun anyone has seen. Traditional spool valve markers are quiet and smooth, but they lack the efficiency and reliability of poppet-style valve configurations. Years ago, J4 had a vision to combine the reliability and maintenance ease of a poppet valve with the quiet operation and precision of spool systems. They got some designers together back in 2005 and filed the patent for the Torque’s STS valve in 2009.

It’s been a long time since development of the Torque started. J4 Paintball took their time getting it right. Their diligence shows.

The J4 Torque is reliable. The STS system drastically reduces the o-ring wear you see on traditional spool-valve markers. The drive train of the J4 is a piston that drives a standard stacked tube pull pin style bolt with an Exalt bolt tip. The piston only has three replicable o-rings that require lubrication and maintenance. The entire drive train pops right out of the back on the gun. It proves robust enough to function properly under a variety of conditions—cold, wet, hot weather—the  J4 cycles consistently through everything.

J4 is still working on finalizing the firing modes. Currently, they plan for semi-auto, PSP, NPPL and Ramping. The board is LED powered—it doesn’t have one of the new OLED style displays.

The marker is auto-timed so you don’t need to worry about dwell. A Hall Effect Sensor that measures the position of the bolt and adjusts timing. The dwell really doesn’t matter. As long as you have enough dwell the gun will fire. The Hall Effect Sensor is only there to guarantee the cycle is completed before the bolt returns.


Custom Exalt grips ship with the marker, however J4 plans to release CAD for the grip, fore grip, trigger and grip panel. This will allow anyone to design their own parts so you can customize the gun to your own style. That’s a pretty sweet feature that you won’t see with many other designs. The stock barrel is a custom 14″ barrel threaded with autococker-style “Quick” threads. The gun is powered by a rechargeable CR123 battery. It was tested to 100,000 shots per charge. The feedneck is a solid mount to KEE ‘Sniper’ specs and has a cam lock lightener.

Initially, the J4 Torque will come in four colors—blue, green, red and all black. J4 plans to release more radically painted markers in the future. Right now they are keeping it basic for launch.

We’ve waited long enough for the J4 Torque to become available and now the time is finally here. It’s their first marker, the first Stacked-Tube Spool-Valve design, and an overall awesome package that took a decade of development. All of the prototype models we saw and tested—both at PSP World Championships and the 2014 Paintball Extravaganza impressed and delivered on J4 Paintball’s long promise that this marker would be a game changer.

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