High And Low Capacity Gravity Hoppers

empire sport shot hopper

It’s one of the many trade-offs paintball players have to deal with on their markers; do they choose to have a high or low capacity paintball hopper? Both choices have their pros and cons; a low capacity hopper is going to weigh less and make your marker easier to maneuver, but at the cost of paintballs. With a high-capacity gravity hopper, you have much more paint, but your marker is going to feel a lot more weighed down. Depending on your play style, one may work better than the other for you. Exactly which one and why, we’ve spelled out in this video here, but if you’d rather read on, we’ve got all the highlights written down below.

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Hustle Paintball Gifts Guide 2014 – Hoppers

Dye Precision Rotor Paintball Loader

Never underestimate the difference a good hopper can make in how well you play. Unfortunately, finding a good hopper can be a bit time consuming. Should you by this automatic hopper? Will you be perfectly fine with a traditional hopper? What about if you just want to play magfed? Did I pay my electric bill?

Enough questions – we have the answers! Some of the best hoppers we have to offer for any type of paintball player is here after the jump. For the budget conscious to the players that don’t mind spending their children’s college fund on a hot new hopper, we’re ready to help!

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How Fast Should My Hopper Be?

With the wide variety of hoppers available on the market today, it is hard to determine which ones will meet the desired speeds and abilities.  In this video, Ethan breaks it down for you to figure out what range of hopper you need.  Once you determine your “bps” you will be able to start checking into specific hopper brands and styles that suit your needs.

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