Smoke Grenades You Should Not Miss Out On

We had such a good time at Paintball Explosion, almost too much fun!  The fire department got called on us.  But needless to say, the grenade throwing and paintball dominating was completely worth it.

Enola Gaye has delivered some awesome smoke grenades that you just do not and should not miss out on.  The Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades (EG-18, Burst & Standard) are beyond fun, beyond colorful and beyond mind blowing.  We love these things!


Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades

These new wire pull smoke grenades are here and after our heavy test day, we have nothing but good news to offer you about Enola Gaye.  These emit a brightly colored and super thick smoke while the pull ring works every time without fail.  A new design means you can still get a high volume of smoke from a sleek and lightweight package.

After testing, we have this side note to you – Be sure to pull the wire ring pull tab OUT from the side of the grenade, rather than UP.  If you pull the tab up, it can disarm the grenade, as that is a safety feature built into the grenade.

At Hustle Paintball, we offer you a really great deal – Buy 10, Get 1 Free!  Or you can enola-gaye-smoke-grenadepurchase the grenades separately, just click here.  These prices you just can’t beat.  These smoke grenades come in some really great colors including blue, green, orange, purple, red, white and yellow.  In the YouTube clips we feature all of the colors so you can have a sneak peek into what you are getting.


ANNNNND this one…