Virtue Paintball VIO Goggle – Build Your Own!

Everyone knows that the Virtue brand is phenomenal and has had amazing success in the paintball world.  Many professional teams have switched over to the Spire 200 or the Spire 260 loaders, simply because you just can’t get much better than Virtue.  With this much success, we are very excited to announce that Virtue has provided us paintball enthusiasts with their newest, most innovative paintball mask known to human kind!

Similar to the Spire200 and Spire260, the Virtue VIO Goggle has the quality and value that all paintball players desire.  This particular mask has the ability to be the ultimate option available on the market or to ever hit the shelves.  With exceptional value and reasonableVirtue Paintball VIO Goggle cost, it is no wonder Virtue is a consumer friendly brand.  We are excited to present to you the Virtue Paintball VIO Goggle!

The Virtue Versatile innovative Optic (VIO) Goggle is the most comfortable paintball mask to ever be designed.  Features include a quick change, fog resistant thermal lens with an innovative versatile design that allows the player to easily change out every aspect of the goggle.  These aspects range from the face mask to the foam, ear pads, goggle strap and lens.  The VIO is equipped with an extra large lens, which provides the player with a wide view of the field and can be removed quickly, thanks to the integrated Hinge Lock.

One of the cool things about the VIO is how lightweight and low profile the design is, which increases the protection for the ears, face and chin.  With removable parts, the VIO is available in thousands of customizable configurations.  Prior to purchasing, the buyer can personalize their VIO, getting only the necessary parts that they need.

Additional Features Include:

  • Improved Visibility and Quick Change Lens – The VIO large thermal lens gives the player the best view of the field, and can be removed and replaced within seconds with the integrated Hinge Lock.
  • Low Profile with Better Protection
  • Breathability, Improved Ventilation and Ease when Talking with other Players
  • Customizable – Personalize your VIO today to express your unique personality.
  • Distortion Free Optical Clarity
  • Scratch-Resistant Coatings
  • Anti-Fog Dual Pane Thermal Lens


And check this out!  Hustle Paintball is offering a pre-order special to anyone who purchases his or her Virtue VIO Goggle early (before December 1st, 2013).  If you pre-order your VIO from Hustle Paintball and register your VIO through Virtue, you will be eligible for a FREE clear VIO lens as well as some really great additional deals on other Virtue add-ons.  We are anticipating that all pre-ordered goggles will be delivered by Christmas time, but it is not absolutely guaranteed, so that is why we are offering the special “Free Lens and Cheap Swag Pre-Order Promotion” as a bonus.  So make sure to turn in your completed claim to get your free lens immediately after purchase!

So check out the brand new Virtue Paintball VIO Goggle and build your own mask today through Hustle Paintball’s online store – click here to access the purchase page, and experience the awesome-ness of the VIO!