In-Depth: Are First Strike Rounds Dangerous?

First Strike Image

You have all heard the myth (or is it a myth?): First Strike rounds can damage your gear, they hurt, and they’re downright dangerous. There’s a stigma attached to First Strike rounds, and we have done our part to clear up the myth. Are First Strike rounds really dangerous? Are they perfectly safe to play with? Keep reading to find out.

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How to Modify your TPX/TiPX Magazines for First Strike Rounds

It’s really pretty quick and easy, but if you’ve never done it before, you should check this out! This is also great for those of you who aren’t crazy about the “current” way it’s done. We’ve come up with a much better way than what’s commonly accepted as the best way to do it, so peel your peepers and pay attention! You can buy standard TPX magazines much cheaper than the First Strike Ready versions, so this is definitely necessary for those of you who don’t want to throw away your money.

Gunhead TPX First Strike Magazine

Gunhead TPX First Strike Magazine

With the new Gunhead First Strike adapter for the TPX you now need magazines that are prepped for First Strike rounds as well. Here they are fully modded, tested and ready to go. These magazines will hold 7 seven standard .68 caliber paintballs or 6 First Strike rounds. Get just a single to keep a few special shots on hand or grab a bunch and go crazy.

And, the Tippmann TPX Magazine

Tippmann TPX Magazine