How to Fill a Paintball CO2 Tank from a Bulk Tank

Some of you guys have been sending in some really great questions to our Hustle Paintball Team, and we are excited to bring to you the answers that you are looking for.  Today we will be exploring the question, “How do I fill (or re-fill) my paintball CO2 tank?”  Jay from Hustle Paintball does a great job demonstrating this, so be sure to watch the video!

Running out of air can be a tough situation, especially if you are out on the field playing around with some friends.  But not any longer!  At Hustle Paintball we have just what you need to overcome the airless tank blues – The One, The Only, CMI CO2 Fill Station – Double Valve (Pro)!

But before you purchase this double valve, make sure to go out and grab a bulk CO2 tank from any welding supply store, one similar to what Jay uses to demonstrate in our YouTube clip.  Once you have the bulk tank and filled it, all you need to do is mount the fill station adapter to the top of it, and there you have it – Your personal CO2 tank fill station!


CMI CO2 Fill Station Double Valve Pro

But we advise you consult with trained paintball personnel or take your tank down to a paintball shop to learn how to properly fill the tank.

**NOTE!!** Hustle Paintball takes no liability if you blow up your friend’s tank, or even worse – your own!

Filling is simple – screw the CO2 fill station onto your bulk tank and torque it down.  Paintball CO2 tanks should only be filled by properly trained personnel, to ensure proper filling and because it’s just safer that way.  Also, it is extremely important to have a scale while filling, because you will need to accurately measure how full the CO2 tank is.  If not done properly or overfilled, you can blow the paintball CO2 tank’s burst disk.

A single valve fill station should be sufficient if you are filling a small group of tanks, or just doing it for a few of your friends.  However, the dual-valve design releases the CO2 pressure without freezing up your paintball tank’s o-ring, which none of us want that!  So you may want to check into the deluxe model even if you are only filling up for a small group.

Depending upon the size of the tanks you are filling, a bulk CO2 tank should fill up 30 paintball tanks, at least.  This is a great investment if you plan to play independently or just want to do a quick favor for your friends before hitting the field.

You can find your CO2 Fill Station at, we have all your paintball gear, accessories, markers, paintballs, etc. for your playing needs!  Also, check us out on YouTube, tweet us on Twitter, “Like” us on Facebook and send us an email with questions and comments!