The Planet Eclipse Etha Modular Components (EMC) Kit

It is time to shamelessly plug a cool product we like.

The Planet Eclipse EMC kit for the Etha is probably one of the coolest things to hit the market in quite some time. There are a quite a few reasons why this kit alone makes me want to buy an Etha, just to have one. For one, it is meant for the Etha which is a fantastic entry level marker that shoots nicely and just feels great in the hands, it’s just a bit of an air hog. The Etha is quite light (2.05 lbs – 1/10th of a lb. lighter than the Etek4 LT) which makes adding this .8 lb. kit on to the marker not that big of a deal. With everything installed the marker is still only going to be 2.85 lbs in weight (sans tank & hopper of course). That’s a lot of customizability added without any real loss of mobility to you!

Planet Eclipse managed to make this upgrade quite light by not making it out of aluminum. Now, before you start to hang your head in frustration about yet another “plastic upgrade” coming out for your aluminum marker, STOP RIGHT THERE.

Just look how sexy Jay made it with a bit of lighting!

Ahh, the magic of Jay + Studio.. don’t you want one?!

The guys at Eclipse are no slouches – just like the Etek3 & 4 before it, these “plastic” parts are made of Glass Reinforced Nylon (GRN) which is not only stupidly strong, but is the exact reason why Planet was able to keep the weight down to a minimum. Honestly, I am quite impressed with the construction of the product, as well as the look. The GRN gives a fantastic matte finish that looks spectacular in either color of the EMC Kit, dark earth or black.

Now, let’s get down to the real reasons I like this upgrade. First and foremost for the typical trashy paintballer like myself comes the look. I am not so sure about you but I have seen a lot of decked out tactical markers in my time in the industry. I have a bit of a taste for them, even though I do not like them for my personal use – I think a decked out tactical marker is so much more menacing and cool looking than my shiny laser beam machine. With that said, I think an Etha with the Dark Earth EMC kit is just plain fantastic looking.

The best way to get both styles of Paintball on one platform.

If this doesn’t make your pants tighter, you have issues.

By itself, with no attachments just looking at it I want to play with it. If I put a stock and an AFG on the marker it has probably the most comfortable stance out of any paintball marker I have ever held. It just seems so natural and brings paintball to the full circle I feel it has needed to get to for some time.

This brings me to my second reason why I believe this to be a revolutionary product. If you have been reading my blogs lately, I am not a speedballer, or a scenario/woods baller. I am a paintballer, as we should all be. The EMC kit now turns the Etha into a paintball marker. Not a speedball marker. While we all know that space guns can go into the woods and into scenarios with no problems – it does kind of hurt the immersion and suspension of reality for the magic of a scenario. Me, being the type of paintball player I am, would actually go out with a tactical marker such as this one. The marker is still maneuverable and light, while also having the added benefit of tactical rails for me to customize the marker to be bespoke for me personally.

I love the fact that Planet Eclipse is really starting to take risks and is getting into the scenario game with their products, no, moreso they are blurring the lines between the two styles of paintball play.

Just looking like a boss with the Planet Eclipse EMC kit is all.

Feel insecure about your current gat yet? I do.

Seriously, how awesome would it be to just slap an AFG on the thing, no other tactical accessories to weigh you down. Then go out to the NPPL or PSP field and merc some fools. I know that is all I can think of, it just feels so darn comfortable!

It is time to bring this all back to the real point of this post. What do I think about Planet Eclipse’s new EMC kit? Well, let’s just break it down into simple numbers & facts.

Final Thoughts:

Price: $79.99 – I think this might be slightly overkill, I would have preferred a $69.99 price tag, but the fact that this is supremely well made AND backed by Planet? Totally worth the asking price.

Utility/Installation: 10 – Hey, if you don’t want it, don’t buy it. But it is super easy to install, looks great, and adds the ability to configure your marker personally in millions of ways. This is a must buy for anyone who likes the tactical side of paintball, but prefers a marker that isn’t 12 lbs, or $1,000.00 with “quirks”.

Lasting Appeal:  8 – I already handed out a 10 and just do not want to be too generous, this kit is great all around. I would just like one for more markers than just the Etha :).

So, go and check it out! Look below for our video review done by Ethan and sound off in the comments with your thoughts!