How to make your Rotor Lid into a Rain Lid for your paintball hopper

If you’ve got a speedfeed, feedgate or quickfeed on your Dye Rotor, chances are, you’ve had to deal with the possibility of rain, dirt, dust or mud getting into your loader. Not so now! Simply mod your lid and you’ll have a slick, easily removable rain lid that doesn’t interfere with your existing speedfeed! It’s very quick to pop on and off in the event of rain or inclement weather!

Check out this Dye Rotor Loader:

This particular Dye Rotor is in a class of its own.  It is of the most radical innovation known to paintball loader technology, with mind blowing feed rates and reliability.  After reading this, you will be able to see why the Rotor is the number one choice for loader technology among top level players all over the world!

It’s Low Profile Design

The Rotor is probably one of the lightest 200-round loaders out there.  The technology in dye-precision-loaderthis thing allows for it to push balls straight down over a short distance.  This in turn, allows for a small loader size and shape and an extremely low profile!

“Tuff Molding”

Dye created this loader with what they call Tuff Molding.  When they tested the Rotor, they found that if it was built with the Tuff Molding, it could withstand a drop from a three-story building!  CRAZY!  It also has a water resistant coat.

The Constant Feed

This feature makes sure that the feed rate is over 50 balls per second – which is way past the pro level requirements.  The result is a smooth, consistent, rapid and dependable feed performance.

Rapid Reload

The Rapid Reload makes the reloading process super quick and easy.  There is a transparent locking lid, which allows for fast loading and a secure close.  With it being able to hold up to 200 balls, this is a 20% increase than that of other loaders.  Needless to say, this thing is awesome!

Toolless Maintenance

You read right – Tool-less Maintenance!  Meaning, the Rotor is easy to assemble and disassemble.  All you do is slide the locking tab and push a button and there you have it, basic cleaning and easy maintenance.

Other features include:

  • Sharkfin Jam Release Trigger!
  • BlackOps
  • And Adjustable Torque!