How To Bore Match Your Paintballs

This isn’t the end-all, be-all video all about underboring and overboring and precise matching, but if you want to know how to bore, or match, your paintballs to your barrel kit, insert kit, or sizer kit, this will show you how to properly do that!

Remember to keep in mind that temperature causes your paintballs to vary in size.  If it is warm out, your paint will expand – if it is cold out, of course your paint will be much smaller.  In this video Russell shows you an introduction to boring your paintballs to match up with your barrel.

Pick up your Pathogen 2 & iFIT Complete Barrel Kit with all the bore inserts you will need.  This particular kit includes bores in the following sizes


  • .685
  • .682
  • .679
  • .676
  • .673
  • .670





And grab your paintballs from Hustle Paintball.  Check out the Valken Graffiti Paintballs



Graffiti is a top-shelf paintball. It has great marking attributes, superior accuracy, and reliably breaks on-target. These superior characteristics have made Graffiti the world’s most popular paintball. It is at home in both the woods or on the speedball field.

Also, these paintballs are made of 100% PEG, safer for the environment than oil-based paintballs!

Or how about Empire’s Marballizer Tournament Grade Paintballs


Empire Marballizer Tournament Grade Paintballs Case

The innovative Empire Advantage Technology used in Marballizer is designed to keep balls flying straight and always breaking on target. These perfect spheres are built to withstand humidity and other elements that can take their toll on paintball performance. Marballizer is the paint of choice for some of the world’s finest teams. Empire Paintball strives to reduce the impact of our paintball products on environment. Empire Marballizer are eco-friendly paintballs that are listed as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


  • Consistent roundness and fewer barrel breaks
  • Dead-on accuracy from straight ball flight
  • Empire Advantage shell breaks on contact
  • Higher fill weight leaves thick, neon marks
  • 2000 round case