How To Belly Crawl

In the sport of paintball, you will find yourself moving and playing in many different positions on the field.  One of the most widely used moves is the “belly crawl” or “army crawl”.  Belly crawling is where you are on your stomach crawling across the playing field, or some sort of area, in hopes of not being seen.  But you will need to master this type of movement simply because if you are slow or not good at belly crawling, then you more than likely will be found and shot at – a bad thing, obviously!  So, in this article, we would like to give you some tips on how to properly belly crawl during a paintball game.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice! – The only way you are going to get good at army or belly crawling is to practice it on your own or with your teammates.  The objective is to get fast at it so you are better able to avoid bad situations.  You might be thinking, “why do I need to practice how to crawl?  I already know how to do that.”  Well, the reason why you should practice is normal everyday crawling doesn’t consist of carrying a paintball gun, gear, and heavy clothing.  To be the best belly crawler, we advise you to purchase some knee and elbow pads, and use your feet to push off from the ground (so a good pair of shoes is a good idea too).  As you practice, you will find that you will be much quicker overtime.  Here is a good representation of how to properly do the army crawl (a non-affiliated YouTube video…)

  • Always Keep Your Head DOWN – Keeping yourself safe is the number one object, and…well…not getting shot at.  The reason why you want to crawl on your stomach is to keep from being seen by the opposing team.  One of the big mistakes that many new paintball players make is that they raise their head while crawling.  You always want to keep your head DOWN to avoid being spotted.  Not only does this help to keep you safe, it also aids in how quickly you will be able to move.
  • Practice Getting Up From A Crawling Position – Being able to quickly move from a crawling position to a standing position is very useful when you are in a shoot-out.  The idea is to get up from your crawling position with your gun leading the way, ready to run.  If you practice this consistently, you will find that getting up from the ground is much easier than you think.