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In every form of paintball there is that one guy who will dress in the most outrageous stuff and still manages to pull it off. There have been multiple tournaments and scenarios that I have participated in where a player or group of players remind all of those playing that paintball is fun and should be treated as such. There was a tournament that I participated in a few years ago where we played a team called the Fuzzy Pandas. They all wore Panda bear ears and even glued little noses onto their masks to complete the whole “Panda” look. We were the first team to play them and we totally underestimated them; we thought that we would roll right over them. To our surprise, not only were we beaten (and quite badly if I do admit) but we had also lost to the Fuzzy Pandas! We were humiliated, but they had a lot of balls to dress up like Pandas. They brought style to the field.

There was a scenario that I attended where a group of players all dressed in sun dresses. They were lovingly dubbed the GI Jane battalion. Not only did they constantly destroy our opposition, they also poked fun at all of the fully camo’d out scenario players in hopes that they would take themselves a little less serious. It made the scenario fun for everyone, even the other team who would taunt the dress toting players with cries like: “Make me a sandwich, or I’ll shoot you!”

It is players like these that make events fun to attend because not only because they themselves are funny guys in their playing style but they also provide stiff competition and can hold their own on the field. What are some funny things that you have seen on the field? Have you ever done something like this? Do you dislike people who do this? We want to hear your stories!

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  1. I once attended a big game at a field i go to called Fort Knox. I went with my cousin and when we arrived, we met up with some friends of his that he works with and meets at the local warped sportz. After a few hours of back and forth between spawning, getting hit, and respawning, one of the guys put a towel on his head, grabbed his ak47 modded x7, and duct tapped his paintball caddy to the hopper calling himself “The Terrorist”. we all had a good laugh and the refs actually let him on the field and boy did he tear it up! Hope you guys have great memories like this and great job with the website. Its progressing a lot since i made my first order :)

  2. When I first started playing paintball about five years ago It was just me and two of my buddies playing in a big CP Railway Yard, literally a dump ravine and the mountains around us. We got really into it and for my budz birthday we convinced our parents to drive us a few towns over to play in this paintball tournament. So 6 of us ( we were 12, 13 year olds) showed up to find these professional seeming teams with all new guns ( ours used tippmann 98’s) and what we called “suits” at the time and we got scared. When the owner of the field came to register us, he asked us what our team name would be and having stayed up till 2am to think about it we replied “The Turkey Basters”. A couple of us dressed like turkeys, with hats and stuffing brown grass in our clothes to resemble wings. We actually did awesome losing only 3 games and every time we’d walk off n say “you got basted!” Gotta say for us especially it took the edge off, You saw embarrassment in these adults having been basted by 12 year olds but they’d laugh n take it a little more easy. It was then we really started thinking of paintball as something fun, to get out of the house and do shit but most importantly that it is a sport! Soon instead of sitting off on our own we were talking and laughing with the other teams, trying their new ego’s, one had an angel it was sik. We didn’t feel like little kids against adults with mad tactics, we felt like players in a game. We came 3rd in the whole tournament of like 12 teams and there was also a free for all event for a car my friend came 2nd in but lost cause he ran out of paint. Good times

  3. Switching up your standard outfit for something a bit more “fringe” can really rattle the mindset of an opponent. If I was playing the sundresses I would be hoping for a “wardrobe malfunction” in all of the running and such which I know would throw me off my game. Uniforms have always factored heavily into the military and war games are no exception. Getting rid of the uniform paradigm can certainly change the game.

    Question for anyone reading this: The guy in green at the top of the page, what guns is he playing with? I have never seen them on a field and I am quite interested.

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